Ajara Anti-ageing Package

Duration: 90 minutes – $215

Body Scrub and Massage with Anti-ageing oil.

Ajara is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘without old age’ and a perfect description for a package that helps to restore your skin while having a massage. Coffee and cinnamon body scrub contain antioxidants and stimulants to warm the body, while the granules exfoliate to remove  dry skin. Applying the scrub with flowing hand movements increases circulation and lymphatic flow, helping to treat the appearance of cellulite and fresh skin to apply the luxurious anti-ageing oil during the 60 minute massage. The Anti-ageing oil combines vitamins, immersed in organic plant and nut oils, chosen for their high level of active antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to improve skin texture, tone and appearance. Relax in the gardens with a glass of champagne or pot of T2 tea before or after treatments.Not safe during pregnancy.

Have you seen our food menu which you can book with your package? We also have a boutique European wine list and craft beer to enjoy in the gardens before or after treatments.