New Mantra Massage

Duration: 90 Minutes – $190
Calm your mind and stretch your body while being transported to a peaceful state. 

Uniquely created by ikatan spa, Mantra massage is about a physical experience to help with mental health and emotional stress.  Mantra is more than a massage, it helps bring your mind to the present moment and forget about your world beyond this experience.

Warm oil, long flowing, palming hands and forearms in continuous movement are used by your therapists as your limbs are gently stretched and massaged at the same time. Your back is massaged twice, while our hands, forearms and fingers work your muscles in continuous flowing movement.

Your mind, body and emotions need time to regenerate by resetting, relaxing and keeping your thoughts in the present moment, which is why we created the Mantra massage and you will only find it at ikatan Spa Noosa.

Guest comment: ‘I feel like someone did a yoga class with my body while my mind was nowhere, during my Mantra massage’

Contraindications: The body stretches in this massage incorporate extended movement to legs, back and hip areas as well as arms and shoulders and therefore Mantra massage is not suitable if you are pregnant, have back, hip, neck, shoulder or arm problems. Ask reception staff if you have any areas of concern as some stretches can be omitted or adjusted for your needs.

Allow time before or after treatments to relax in the gardens with a complimentary glass of champagne or pot of herbal T2 tea.

Have you seen our food menu which you can book with your massage? We also have a boutique European wine list and craft beer to enjoy in the gardens before or after treatments.

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