Sikat Massage

Duration: 90 Minutes – $170
Duration: 60 minutes – $140

The perfect massage for anxiety, stress, recovery, detoxing and fluid retention. (Sikat Si-cart means brush in Balinese) body brushing is very effective for stimulating lymphatics. Dry body brushing, combined with massage, helps clear the mind and assists lymphatics function, reduce fluid retention and will help if you’re detoxing. This massage treatment offers a light to medium pressure only to be most effective for anxiety, stress and lymphatics. 

Relax in the gardens with a glass of champagne or pot of T2 tea before or after treatments.

Add Magnesium oil or Anti-ageing oil to this massage for added results and benefits for only $25 extra.

Have you seen our food menu which you can book with your massage? We also have a boutique European wine list and craft beer to enjoy in the gardens before or after treatments.