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Body Scrubs and Body Wraps

All of our body treatments are used to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. We use vegan, organic and natural products and most are made at ikatan Spa to traditional recipes. 

The skin is the largest organ on the body and in many cultures, treating aliments is done transdermally (through the skin), as one of the most affective ways to heal the body. While we don't  have any treatments at ikatan Spa to intentionally heal the body some of our Balinese body treatments are made to traditional Balinese and Indonesian recipes that are used to improve health through the skin.

We make our body treatments with fresh herbs and spices, some are created from traditional recipes, for skin improvements, de-stressing and sensory aroma experience that help improve your wellbeing through relaxation.

We provide disposable boy leg style full brief underwear which you take of in the privacy of the shower. All our therapists are female and trained to apply body treatment to the full body including the tummy and around the breast area so that you receive a 'full body' exfoliation. You therapists will prepare and help you into the shower, tidy the room and leave, for you to shower, dry and get dressed in the privacy of your treatment room.

Body Scrubs are applied warm to the skin and have a granular texture to remove dry, dead skin cells while at the same time they are in a vegan body milk or water base to nourish the skin. We usually apply a body scrub at the end of a treatment or package except where it is best to leave the oil on the skin after a massage and in these treatments your body scrub will be applied at the beginning of your treatment. Each treatment description tells you when the body scrub takes place.

We have a selection of  body scrub aromas for you to select from, which you can choose on arrival before your therapist blends your personal scrub choice. We also have pregnancy safe options.

Body Wraps are use to keep you warm or create heat while the product stays wet and active on the skin to help open the pores and absorb the therapeutic effects of the products being applied. We use a disposable, hygienic foil blanket over the top of sarongs to wrap you after the warmed body scrub, coconut oil, vegan milk or lotion is applied to the skin.

Body wraps also have products applied to the full body. While you are in the body wrap your therapists soothes your mind with a scalp massage. Your therapist will then prepare and help you into the shower, tidy the room and change the linen before leaving the room for you to rinse off the scrub but not your face after a facial, towel dry and pop a new pair of disposable underwear on before laying on the cleaned bed ready for your therapist to return for the rest of your treatments.

We cater for pregnancy and it is best to read our Mum-to-be page where we fully explain the best treatment options for your trimester during pregnancy.

Please chat to our reception team or your therapists if you have any concerns about areas of your body you have cuts, abrasions, veins or you would prefer not to be touched during a body treatment. All our therapists are female, we choose a career caring for bodies and don't discriminate as it's part of our every day life to make people feel comfortable and help you improve your wellbeing.

For your best experience please read our information and cancellation policy.