Health Safety, Wellness & Policies.

We look forward to welcoming you to ikatan Spa and in the process of keeping ikatan Spa safe from contagious infections, there are a few things we need to share with you before we can book your treatments. Please take the time to read the below information in the interest of health, safety and wellness of everyone at ikatan Spa.

Cancellation Policy.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy  to give you the opportunity to cancel prior to the day of treatments, without charge, should you have any signs, symptoms or been with others who are unwell. Should you cancel within 24 hours or arrive at ikatan Spa or present with any sniffles/cough/runny nose or illness symptoms we won’t be able to proceed with your treatment and 100% cancellation policy will apply.

While we have always had a health and wellness policy to prevent the spread of colds, flu or viruses at ikatan Spa,  guests are now required to complete a health questionnaire, sent as a link, in your confirmation text message to your mobile.

Privacy of your Health Questionnaire: A few days prior to your booking you will be sent a text message to the mobile number provided for your booking. This message will have a  link to our online required health questionnaire. This online form is privately kept on file at ikatan Spa and only read by ikatan Spa staff in relation to health screening and treatment related reasons. 

We require this basic online health questionnaire form to be completed and submitted as well as a text response with Y or N by everyone having treatments at ikatan Spa no later than the day prior to your arrival for Spa treatments please. Failure to respond to this compulsory questionnaire may result in your treatment being cancelled without notice and offered to other guests on our daily waitlist. 

Arrival Procedure at ikatan Spa

 We provide Saya natural hand sanitiser in our reception, lounge area and all treatment rooms for you to use on arrival and during your time at ikatan Spa.

Only guests having Spa treatments can enter ikatan Spa beyond our reception area.  Extra people (children, family or friends) are not allowed to accompany you to the guest lounge, gardens or treatment rooms unless they are having Spa treatments with you.

Sanitation Procedures

You will be asked to sanitise your hands with our Saya hand sanitiser we provide for you, if you prefer you can wash your hands in our bathrooms.

Treatment Room Hygiene and Sterilisation

Unlike other Day Spas, at ikatan, we always schedule 30 minutes between treatments to give ample time for cleaning. This gives our therapists time to change all linen, (we never turn linen over to re-use it for the next guest at ikatan Spa) and we will also be adding the use of disposable headrest covers on treatment beds. We clean floors, benches and showers with hospital-grade sanitiser as a standard practice in the rooms and equipment between guests. We have a checklist for cleaning rooms and all other areas for staff to follow and while it’s a busy 30 minutes cleaning for therapists between guests at ikatan Spa, we can’t understand how other Day Spas do all this cleaning as standard practice in 10-15 minutes between guests treatments?

We take our standards and workplace practices seriously and want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe environment for everyone.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you at ikatan Spa.

At ikatan Spa we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently and offering the best in customer care, it’s the reason we win so many awards. Please make yourself aware of our policies and information, which has been established to ensure a quality experience with a safe and enjoyable visit for all guests.


All prices are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice. No surcharge applies on any credit cards.

If you are wanting a booking within the next 24 hours we recommend you call +61 7 5471 1199 between 9am and 5pm to make a confirmed booking. Sometimes our four reception staff are occupied, please leave a message as it flashes at us to let us know we need to call you back.

Book online anytime you like and we will reply to your email as soon as we can. Please check your email address you type in the booking form as that’s where we send the reply. (they are often incorrect) Check your junk or spam for our reply as your spam filters decide where our email arrives to you.

It is recommended to book in advance for your ikatan spa experience, however, we do take last minute bookings when available. Please have your credit card and/or gift voucher number with you at the time of booking as we require these details to make, hold and confirm all bookings. If your gift voucher value does not cover the total cost of the treatments you want to book, a credit card number is also required with your gift voucher number to reserve your booking.

Booking with your Gift Voucher

Please have your gift voucher (and a credit card with you if you are booking for a treatment that exceeds your gift voucher value), when making a booking. 

To help you with a booking we need to know the following details please:

  • Your gift voucher number, expiry date and treatment details or monetary value on your gift voucher.
  • Please select what treatment you want to book before you contact ikatan Spa reception. If you have a dollar value gift voucher or want to change the treatment listed on your gift voucher we are happy to organise this for you. Please view the treatment menu first as we can’t make a booking until you know what you want to have.
  • Re-gifting your gift voucher is easy. Send us an email with the gift voucher number and who the gift will be transferred to. We will re-issue another gift voucher with a new number for the new recipient to use as we can’t accept gift vouchers as payment for treatments if they are in another person’s name.
  • Gift vouchers are non-refundable as stated at time of purchase online and on the back of your hard copy gift card.

Group Bookings

At ikatan Spa we have group co-ordinators on our reception team to help you with your group Spa Party, treatment bookings, catering and anything else we can help you with.

This is all flexible as a starting point to make the booking. Group bookings require prepayment deposit and 72 hours cancellation notice if the entire group wishes to cancel. If one person in the group needs to cancel we require 24 hours prior notice, however the group room allocations may be changed to accommodate other guests when a person from a group cancels.

Cancellation or Changes to Bookings

Your treatment time has been reserved especially for you in a treatment room that is required for your particular treatments. Please advise us with 24 hours prior notice of any changes to treatments, arrival time, wishing to reduce or extend treatments or any other changes you want to make to bookings or treatments via email if it is more that 24 hours notice or call +61 7 5471 1199 within 24 hours of booking, as we may not be able to change your treatments on arrival at ikatan Spa.

Respectfully, late cancellations or changes incur the full treatment cost or package booking fee and will be charged to the credit card provided and gift vouchers are automatically used for payment of the treatment unless the booking can be refilled by another guest. Without notice, the full charge of your treatment will automatically apply.

For Your Health, Wellness and Safety

We want to assure you that ikatan Spa has an active wellness protocol to care for guests and staff.

It is not advisable for your health to have treatments while unwell nor is it safe for the health of our staff who care for you. If you arrive at ikatan suffering from flu, intoxication or transmittable infections you will not be permitted to have treatments and as a condition of our cancellation policy, outlined above, you will be charged for the booking. Please cancel during office hours (9 am -5 pm) prior to the day of your treatments if you are feeling unwell. Sunday we accept cancellation messages left on our message bank. +61 7 5471 1199

Arrival Time

Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time and 30 minutes prior for a group. We have reserved your booking time especially for you and if you arrive late, or at the time your treatment is due to start, we may need to shorten your treatment time. Starting your Spa experience should be relaxing and it takes time to use the bathroom, enjoy a welcome drink, walk to your treatment room, consult with therapists and get changed before your treatment commences. Think of it as arriving for a flight before the gate closes and you will arrive in plenty of time, just like you do for a flight but we have a flat bed or a large comfortable chair, waiting for you.

For the best experience, let us know.

At the consultation, your Spa therapist will discuss your needs and concerns and ask you to let her know if you need anything changed or adjusted during the treatment. It is up to you to communicate with us at time of booking, on arrival and especially during treatments to receive the best treatment possible. We don’t chat, or try to sell you products, or ask you questions during your treatment at ikatan Spa, this is your relaxation time. It is up to you to let us know what your personal requirements are at any stage of your ikatan experience. We are great at working on bodies but we can’t read minds yet.

Mobile Devices

To preserve the tranquillity of the Spa and your relaxation. Please switch your mobile to flight mode on entering ikatan Spa as a vibrating mobile device is as distracting as a ring tone.
It’s just like a flight, where you have the best excuse to switch off and find a better connection. When you land in our gardens you are more than welcome to use your phone on silent to text or take photos as we know how important it is for social media followers to see how relaxed you are at ikatan #ikatanspanoosa In respect for other guests, all phone calls must be taken in the carpark area.

Babies, Children, Wait Areas and Pets.

While we love all things small and cute, in consideration of adults wanting to relax we do not allow babies, children or pets at ikatan Spa while you have treatments. In our reception and retail area, you are welcome to bring children with you to shop and make bookings providing they are supervised but no pets please, due to health regulations. We also offer teen treatments for children under 16 years of age when accompanied by an adult also having treatments.

Our lounge and garden areas are reserved for Spa guests having treatments only. Due to our limited seating capacity, we are unable to provide an area for friends or family to wait while you are having treatments. However, we are close to Noosa and Eumundi where they will find some cute cafes, boutique stores, markets and micro-breweries that would be far more fun and exciting than waiting in our car park, although it’s a really nice car park.

Special Considerations

For any additional dietary requirements, allergies, conditions, disabilities (including pregnancy or under going IVF) please advise us at the time of making bookings as it helps us assist you with making the appropriate choices or modifications to your booking. Whilst all care is taken, ikatan Spa can not guarantee any of our treatments (or catering) are completely free from traces of allergens, or appropriate for any medical condition. Please seek prior advice from your doctor or healthcare professional and inform ikatan Spa prior to booking.


At ikatan Spa, your privacy is important to us, therefore we don’t have communal change rooms with showers or the need to wear a bathrobe around the Spa. ikatan Spa is designed around a Balinese Village and all guests having a massage, facial, body treatment or package are escorted to their villa style treatment room by their Spa therapist where you will be left in privacy to change and lay on your treatment bed under sarongs and blankets if required.

At present we have limited sizes of disposable underwear, due to lack of supply from overseas, and may not be able to cater for all sizes. Please ask reception staff about this at time of booking or make note when completing your online client information. 

Our qualified female therapists are trained to respect your comfort and privacy. During all treatments, you will be draped with pure cotton sarongs, except for the area being worked on. Disposable underwear are provided for your massage and body treatments. Should you need to visit the bathroom during treatments or if you are with us for a Retreat Day, we provide you with batik slippers and a Balinese batik wrap robe in two sizes.

Facilities and Inclusions

On the Sunshine Coast, life is casual and so is our hair, especially after Spa treatments.  We do have a blow dryer and complimentary organic hair care products for you to use. Your therapist will escort you to the reception area bathrooms after treatments, if you wish to style your hair. We provide disposable combs but do not provide hair styling brushes.

Most guests like to leave oil and treatment in their hair when they leave ikatan to go to the beach, shopping or return to their accommodation or home before going out after treatments. It’s how we like to live life on the Sunshine Coast, especially after time at a Day Spa because it’s a look that says ‘relaxed’.

At ikatan, complimentary Inika organic, vegan makeup is applied after all Spa treatments with facials. We couldn’t possibly leave you without the opportunity to look your best for a photo while relaxing in the garden with a pot of tea or glass of champagne after treatments at ikatan Spa.

Ambulant Access and Stairs

Please let us know at time of booking if you require help or the use of any of our special requirement facilIties so that we can reserve them or be ready to assist you.

At ikatan Spa we have a special parking space and ramp for those who need easy access to our reception area. We also have a bathroom and two single treatment rooms with wheel chair access and all treatment beds are wide Spa beds with hydraulic lift to help guests on and off beds, as well as for staff caring for their own safety, posture and comfort during your Spa treatments.

Please advise if you would like to bring a support dog, who are welcome to attend treatments with their owners provided we know in advance and can book appropriate treatment areas for you and your support dog.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

We care for the mum-to-be at ikatan Spa, as we know, a relaxed Mumma is best for bubba. All our treatments are noted if they are pregnancy safe or not, in which case we can suggest an alternative pregnancy safe treatment. Read our Mum-to-be page where you’ll find information on Spa treatments and massages at ikatan during all stages of pregnancy. Due to increased sensitivity and various hormonal changes during pregnancy, there may be some treatment contraindications and special precautions for some pregnant and or breastfeeding mothers. We recommend you check with your doctor about your individual needs prior to booking treatments.

Spa Etiquette

Whilst at ikatan Spa, we ask that you kindly respect our staff, facilities, Spa policies and the enjoyment of other guests. We have a very positive, professional and caring community environment at ikatan and entry to our business and invitations to rebook are at our discretion.

Privacy Preferences