Our Story

Where did we get our name ikatan and what does it mean?

 ikatan in Indonesian is a word for a ‘connection‘ and in Balinese ‘ikat‘ means to ‘make by hand‘ while the full word ‘ikatan‘ is the Balinese word for a ‘hand loomed sarong’.

ikatan represents a place where people feel connected, treatments are made with hands and guests are covered in our traditional Balinese, soft cotton loomed sarongs for privacy and comfort during treatments.

If you can’t find what you want, create it yourself, so we did.

Katrina’s background has always been in the hair, beauty and health industry as well as being a trade teacher and trainer. After some years in business, management and the hotel industry Katrina saw the opportunity in the market to create an authentic Tropical Day Spa destination .

Combining her background and creativity with the people skills and love of sharing knowledge, Katrina has found her prana (vital life) with ikatan Spa and shares her knowledge in the wellness blog Day Spa Oracle.

Nicholas has a family background in landscape gardening which is where the talent and ability to create the beautiful ikatan gardens stems from. After 10 years working in Saudi Arabia in Aeronautics, Nicholas wanted to return to Australia to establish a business created around tropical gardens and while he’s responsible for the financial and maintenance running of ikatan, the gardens are where he loves to be.

With a passion for continually evolving ikatan, Katrina and Nicholas work on every aspect of the business to encompass the ever changing global patterns, trends and needs of their guests at ikatan day spa. Applying the philosophy of ikatan being a place to escape, where life is at a slower pace and nature surrounds you to all that they do, is how ikatan maintains the soulful feel.

Time is the ultimate luxury.

ikatan spa has been established since 2001 and now employs sixteen female staff who adopt the ikatan culture of enjoying what they do and doing it well. We give time, authentic treatments and quality products to our guests in an environment unlike any other day spa.

We like to commit to ongoing training for staff and value any feed back from our guests about their ikatan spa experience as this helps us to reward staff or to train them in areas, should it is needed. We’d love to hear from you to tell us about your ikatan experience info@ikatanspa.com

Katrina and Nicholas through ikatan, like to support and give back to our local and Balinese communities. We also help sponsor a Balinese family who help us with everything we need to keep ikatan authentically Balinese.