Welcome to ikatan Balinese Day Spa

As one of Queenslands leading luxury Day Spa, highly awarded for our treatments, service and experience, we are known for our commitment of care in protecting the environment for generations to come.

Situated close to Noosa Biosphere, ikatan Spa embraces nature with tropical gardens and a unique Day Spa experience.

Just minutes from Noosa, Peregian, Coolum or a short drive from Sunshine Coast Airport, ikatan Spa also attracts a large demographic from southeast Queensland, as well as interstate and overseas guests visiting the region.

For your time out and in respect for other guest, we are a silent mobile zone at ikatan. 

ikatan Day Spa is open Monday to Saturday 9am or 6pm. Closed on Sundays and all public holidays.

All prices are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice.

Our Story


The meaning of ikatan 

The name, culture and style of ikatan embraces the same concepts as Bali, where life is at a slower pace and staff are given plenty of time to care for guests.


ikatan is an Indonesian word for a ‘connection‘ and in Balinese ‘ikat‘ means to ‘make by hand‘ while the full word ‘ika-tan‘ is the Balinese word for a ‘hand made sarong’ which we use to cover and drape guest during treatments.


Destination Experience 


We are a community, welcoming guests to our  village, where our days are spent caring and connecting with each other and our guests to enhance wellness for everyone at ikatan Spa.


Our Day Spa ethos is about an experience for guests, focusing on slowing down your mind and soothing your body to balance its equilibrium.


By allowing yourself time in the hands of our well trained, nurturing therapists we encourage you to re-connect with yourself and nature.


Escape the ordinary, at ikatan Spa.

Our Story


Life at a slower pace where nature surrounds you.


Where time stands still, serenity surrounds you and our paradise is yours to enjoy. ikatan Spa is private destination Day Spa where you can visit for an hours treatment or stay for a Day Retreat.


It takes at least an hour before the mind and body gives in to relaxation, which is why our most popular experiences are packages.  With a combination of different treatments, it gives you more time to relax, flowing seamlessly from one treatment to next with one spa therapist caring for you throughout your package.


Time is the ultimate luxury and it moves at a slower pace when you are at ikatan Spa, with slow treatments and time surrounded by nature in our private wellness Day Spa.


We do things differently to other standard day spas and therefore we recommend you read our policies and information to understand what we offer, our relaxing massage styles and how we create a unique ikatan Spa experience for you with treatments created by us and only available at ikatan Spa. 


Awarded Best Eco Spa in Australia

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While ‘eco responsibility’ has become an important part of a business, at ikatan we have always been thoughtful of our environment and carbon footprint. Embracing an eco-friendly ethos, our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our operation.


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Focus on Wellness

Our commitment to wellness inspires our creation of treatments designed to elevate your overall health and wellness with specific treatments for de-stressing, clearing the mind, relaxation and rejuvenation. Having others to care for you is the best selfcare.


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Beyond an Appointment

All good things take time and we know that it takes at least an hour for your body to give up to relaxation. Let our skilled therapists guide you through a slow journey of nurturing and relaxation for a wellness experience.


Our Charities


ikatan Spa supports chosen charities and communities.


We like to support and give back to local and Balinese communities and have selected some charities who we continually support as they desperately need help to save lives or help people at challenging times in their lives.


We support Noosa Chances, Motor Neurone Disease Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, Camp Quality, Starlight Foundation, Leukaemia Foundation, Noosa Hospital Club Chemo, Precious Wings, Bali Street Kids Orphanage, Katie Rose Cottage Hospice, Sunshine Butterfly kids, Free to Shine and Prostate Cancer Foundation.


We also like to show our gratitude to our Balinese family who help us with everything we need to keep ikatan authentically Balinese.