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Tropical Balinese Gardens at Ikatan Spa Noosa

Where did we get our name ikatan and what does it mean?

Tropical Balinese Gardens at Ikatan Spa Noosa

ikatan in Indonesian is a word for a ‘connection‘ and in Balinese ‘ikat‘ means to ‘make by hand‘ while the full word ‘ikatan‘ is the Balinese word for a ‘hand made sarong’.

Our treatments start with a ritual to calm your body and for you to feel a connection through our hands. Guests are covered in our traditional Balinese ‘ikatan’, soft cotton sarongs for privacy and comfort during treatments. We are a community, a village where our days are spent caring and connecting with each other and our guests to enhance wellness for everyone at ikatan.

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Ikatan Balinese Day Spa Noosa

If you can’t find what you want, create it yourself, so we did.

Ikatan Balinese Day Spa and Gardens Noosa

A place of connection where life is at a slower pace and nature surrounds you.

Inspired by the Balinese culture, traditions, tropical gardens, statues and building layout, ikatan Spa was designed to incorporate the concept of a Desa, village.

Feng Shui along with Balinese traditions are used to create harmony, energy flow, auspicious areas and cures for aspects of the business and property. 

After some years in business, management and the hotel industry the opportunity arose to create a Day Spa destination with a focus of wellness. Combining Katrina’s background in hair and beauty with the passion Nicholas has for creating the tropical, low maintenance gardens, ikatan Spa was established in 2002.

At ikatan Spa we have always committed to mentoring and training future generations of Spa enthusiasts in providing luxury service with all areas of the running, managing and treatment training, along with a high standard of customer service at ikatan Spa.

Working as a team to give guests an exceptional experience from booking, being welcomed to ikatan, treatments and relaxing in the gardens surrounded by nature is what we love about being at ikatan Spa together. 

Passion; it’s in everything we do. 

Balinese Day Spa Noosa

ikatan Spa supports chosen charities and communities.

Balinese Day Spa Noosa

 We like to support and give back to local and Balinese communities and have selected some charities who we continually support as they desperately need help to save lives or help people at challenging times in their lives.

We support Noosa Chances, Motor Neurone Disease  Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, Camp Quality, Starlight Foundation, Leukaemia Foundation, Noosa Hospital Club Chemo, Precious Wings, Bali Street Kids Orphanage, Katie Rose Cottage Hospice, Sunshine Butterfly kids, Free to Shine and Prostate Cancer Foundation. We also like to show our gratitude to our Balinese family who help us with everything we need to keep ikatan authentically Balinese.

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