Mum-to-be Packages & Treatments

A relaxed Mumma is best for Bubba.

Please inform reception staff at time of booking if you are pregnant and how many weeks pregnant you will be when you visit ikatan Spa for treatments so that your therapist can prepare for you in advance.


Pregnancy treatments are popular at ikatan Spa. Our therapists are trained in our pregnancy treatments and massage using safe products and protocols.

While growing a baby is what your body is designed for, it’s good for you and your baby to be relaxed and cared for during pregnancy. Latest research tells us that being a relaxed Mumma is best for you and baby during pregnancy and helps a child’s development when you welcome them into the world which is why it’s all about relaxation, nurturing and calming your body during pregnancy treatments at ikatan Spa.

Most of our treatments are pregnancy safe or adaptable for pregnancy and are noted if they are pregnancy safe.

There are some treatments and packages on our menu that are contraindicated during pregnancy. Some herbs and spices, essential oils and hot rocks are not safe for you to have during pregnancy. However if you have pregnancy complications or are unsure about having spa treatments it’s best to consult your medical practitioner before booking. We also care for a lot of mum-to-be undergoing IVF where it’s best to assume you might be pregnant and therefore we follow pregnancy protocol.

What Treatments to Have in Your Trimesters

  • 1st Trimester – Any treatment that is noted as pregnancy safe or alternate option for pregnancy.
  • 2nd Trimester – Dependant on baby bump size, most treatments are comfortable but we recommend you avoid body wraps.
  • 3rd Trimester – Avoid body wraps and scrubs as it is awkward for you to turn, sit and rollover during application of treatment and difficult for Therapists to apply products to the body in a relaxing, flowing and professional manner.

Your therapist will chat and reassure you during a consultation before she starts your treatments.

We want you to have the best spa experience possible and like all good things, they take time. While we offer a 60 minute pregnancy massage, it is by far a better value and treatment to have a 90 minute pregnancy massage giving yourself time to relax and giving your therapist time to look after areas in your body that are changing and need more time to relax tension held in the body.

A longer massage is only a minimal cost for a lot more relaxation and time to work on tight areas and finish with a neck, shoulders and head massage. Once you are past the stage of laying on your tummy for a massage we lay you on your side with pillows for support as it is the most comfortable position for pregnancy massage because it’s how you sleep when pregnant.

You can upgrade any massage in packages or specials to a longer massage at minimal cost. Please request the amount of extra time you would like if booking online or ask reception staff about upgrading at time of booking. We do not offer deep tissue or remedial massage, our focus is on relaxation and nurturing you, which is what you need when your body is busy giving everything you have to a growing baby.

Facials are alway popular throughout pregnancy as our facials include a lot of massage while peels and masks treat your skin. Enjoy a scalp massage, arm and hand massage with a organic, Saya hand and body moisturiser, a lymphatic facial massage to help relax the tight expressions in your face that create wrinkles and lines, while at the same time lymphatic massage helps to reduce puffiness and most of all sends you into deep relaxation.

Foot massage and Pedicures are a must have when you can’t reach your toes and are particularly good for puffy or swollen feet to help move the fluid retention.

Our Asian Head massage is unique to ikatan Spa and a great treatment for anyone who holds tension in the head, neck and upper shoulders. We have two packages that combine Feet, head massage, Serenity Package and the Prasanna Package includes arm massage also. Popular added to other treatments such as a facial or massage. All feet and head treatments take place in our communal garden rooms in large rattan, cushioned chairs with foot stools, surrounded by gardens.

Packages offer a package price and therefore better value, plus the massage is packages are all pregnancy safe and prices in packages are based on our signature Balinese Massage and no extra cost is added in packages for changes to a pregnancy massage.

For your best experience please read our information and cancellation policy.



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