Our Pregnancy Treatments

Embracing the beauty of motherhood, ikatan Spa is delighted to offer popular pregnancy spa treatments that are specially designed to provide comfort, relaxation, and care for expectant mothers.


Our dedicated therapists undergo comprehensive training in the art of pregnancy treatments and massage, utilising safe products and protocols to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby.


For your time out and in respect for other guest, we are a silent mobile zone at ikatan Spa.

Pregnancy Treatment FAQ

Are most treatments at ikatan Spa pregnancy-safe?

Yes, the majority of our treatments are either inherently pregnancy safe or can be adapted to suit pregnancy. We clearly note which treatments fall into the pregnancy safe category.

Are there treatments that are not recommended during pregnancy?

Certain treatments and packages on our menu are contraindicated during pregnancy. This includes the use of some herbs, spices, essential oils, and hot rocks. If you have pregnancy complications or are unsure about having spa treatments, it is advisable to consult your medical practitioner before booking.

What treatments are suitable for each trimester?

1st Trimester: Any treatment noted as pregnancy-safe or offering an alternative option is suitable.

2nd Trimester: Most treatments are comfortable, but we recommend avoiding body wraps.

3rd Trimester: It's advisable to avoid body wraps and scrubs as they may be awkward due to changes in your body positioning.

Why is a longer pregnancy massage recommended?

While we offer a 60 minute pregnancy massage, a 90 minute massage is recommended. 

This allows ample time for your therapist to address specific areas affected by the changes in your body and provides an extended period of relaxation.

What is the focus of ikatan Spa's massage services during pregnancy?

We do not offer deep tissue or remedial massage. Our focus is on relaxation and nurturing, providing the care your body needs during the transformative period of pregnancy.

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