Mood Changing Sounds of Nature

Birds Can Makes You Chirpy Can you believe that a ‘chirpy’ bird can lift your mood and make you feel more chirpy? Keep Reading about the Mood Changing Sounds of Nature.    I’m not talking about the call of a crow or the scream of

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Down to Earth

What is Grounding? Getting down to earthing regularly is beneficial for our mind, body and particularly good for our soul and soles.   Years of extensive research has shown that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy, by walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock

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Anti-ageing Body Oil

I created an Anti-Ageing Body Oil because I couldn’t find one! ikatan Anti-Ageing Body Oil evolved because I couldn’t find an oil with ant-ageing qualities, in a skin products apart from those made for the face, hence too expensive to apply all over the body.

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Why We Love The Warmth of Bali

Special Winter Warmth of Bali Package   Winter is Time for Hibernation We naturally gravitate to a more comforting time of year as we slip into a winter lifestyle, when we tend towards feeling cosy and warm, which is the focus for our winter Seasonal

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Eumundi, Why We Love it!

Eumundi is just minutes from ikatan Spa   Eumundi is a pretty, historic, buzzing country town only ten minutes drive from ikatan Spa and an easy twenty five minutes from Noosa. Nestled in the most unlikely hinterland location, between a highway, a train track and

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Best Spa Treatments for Sleep

Improve Sleep with Spa Treatments I am not sure where the concept of having a firm massage to relax came from but I wish it was easier to convince people that your body really needs nurturing and kindness, not discomfort and pain, to relax, destress

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Wonder World for Wellness

Make Your World a Wonder World    I Wonder…do you? If we have lost the childish desire young children possess, to understand or know something; asking why and how, curious to explore possibilities.   Wonder usually declines with age but it doesn’t necessarily have to.

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Pause For a Peaceful Mind

Pause Before You Speak   Pause: A temporary stop in action or speech, to make a brief stop or delay; to wait or hesitate.   We have all heard the term ‘think before you speak’ that moment between listening and answering, it’s a pause to

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Kindness for Improved Wellness

Improved Your Wellness with Kindness Research shows that acts of kindness are linked to increased feelings of well-being and it’s something to be mindful for yourself as much as others. I feel very sad when I see repetitive signs “Please be KIND to our staff”

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Seeking Serenity

Find Some Serenity inYour Life.   Seek and you shall find, when it comes to finding serenity in your life. Only you can seek what’s right for you when searching for some peace, tranquility and serenity. Serenity is defined as, the state of being calm,

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Guilty Pleasures

Guilt is a Wasted Emotion    It is said that ‘guilt is a wasted emotion’ and I must agree, when it comes to spending time on the things that give us pleasure. Why do we feel so guilty when we spend time on ourselves, doing

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Lifestyle Shift for Better Wellbeing

Thrive Rather Than Just Survive Wellness is about practicing healthy habits to attain better physical and mental health, it’s a lifestyle choice geared for those who aspire to thrive rather than just survive. Wellness is also a thriving sector, with the prediction of growth in wellness

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Walk in the Wild for Your Wellness

Benefits of Walking in the Wild. There’s is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but you will find a better connection.   Intuitively, we have always known that we feel better after a walk in nature but in the past decades there have been many scientific

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Slowing Down a Busy Mind and Body

How to Slow Down a Busy Mind and Body   They say, ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.’   ‘Busy’ it’s an overused word or not a strong enough definition for what some of us take on. Nevertheless, everyone

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Emotional Healing, Balance and Resilience

Emotional Healing, Balance and Resilience During stressful times we tend to cope with situations but be aware that the after affect can hit deeper than we realise.   Post-traumatic stress syndrome is all too familiar for those who have served in the forces, frontline workers,

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Your Sisterhood Improves Wellbeing

The Benefits of Sisterhood ‘Women in bathrooms are some of the most supportive and empowering people on the planet’   A quote found on social media that is truth that makes you smile, then feel proud to be a woman who likes to connect with

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Relax Together With a Couples Treatment

Couples Relax Together. You don’t have to massage his feet and he does not have to rub your shoulders, it’s the prefect reason to visit a day spa as a couple.    Spending time together, yet relaxing in your own way for improving your health

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Music for Healing Stress and Wellness

Soundscapes and Sound Blankets Wellness, or a sense of improving and maintaining your wellbeing has impacted countless industries from tourism, food, travel, beauty, exercise, real estate and fashion, to name just a few who have evolved for the new consumer wellness market.   Selfcare is

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Inner Beauty Begins in the Gut

Gut Busting Beauty ‘Trust your gut’ has more power in its meaning than we realise. Over the past few years, we have heard a lot about the gut and come to realise that it is far more important than we had given the cliché quote

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Resetting, Regrouping and Recharging

Best Ways to Reset and Recharge Post stressful times takes some adjusting to what has been, how it has impacted and affected our lives, health and wellness. In one way or another life changes constantly, we have to take the good with the bad, but

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A Special Noosa Summer Ceremony

Special Summer Ceremony Package Just like a tropical holiday, relax, rest and recover at ikatan Spa Noosa with this Special Summer Package.   45 minute frangipani body scrub/wrap/shower and 45 minute Balinese Massage finishing with a 30 minute Calming Facial   As Seasons Change, So

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Babymoon With Your Mum

Mumma and Nanna Babymoon While it’s not a typical couple’s babymoon, sharing a special pre-baby arrival with your Mum can be memorable and a lot of fun. It’s not necessarily a substitute for a Babymoon with your partner but a little getaway with your Mum,

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Best Day Spa Packages for Couples

The Perfect Way For Couples to Relax Together.     You don’t have to massage his feet and he does not have to rub your shoulders when you visit a day spa as a couple and it’s the perfect way to spend time together, yet

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Mother’s Gift Ideas to Buy, Make and Create

Mother’s Gift Ideas To Buy, Make and Create for a Memorable Mother’s Day What’s your plan for Mother’s Day this year? What we know from our conversations or listening to Mums, it’s not about the money, the gift or the outing it’s about the  thoughtfulness

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Sensory Beauty, The New Black

Beauty For The Senses You probably have it already, you just don’t realise, it happens without you knowing but now it has a name, a tagline and it’s a real thing!   ‘Sensory beauty’ is all about the look, feel and aroma of our beauty

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Green Therapy is Great Help For Stress

Nature is Green Therapy You can actually feel the rejuvenating energy from plants when surrounded by the greenery of nature and what you feel is real.   Plant foliage has been found to absorb airborne pollutants, filter dust and bugs and therefore improve air quality.

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Best uses of Thieves Oil

Thieves Oil Benefits and History.   Help protect yourself, family, home and workplace with natural essential oils. The original Thieves oil recipe was created in the 15th Century by four French “thieves” during the Black Plague.   Antiseptic, Antibacterial and Antimicrobial A herbal blend that

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What’s Love Got To Do With It.

February Is For All Kinds Of Love. February is the month of love at ikatan Spa but not just for valentines. It’s not always about a couple in love, it’s about sharing time with anyone you want to be with.   We take the time

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Finding Chi in Ubud Bali

Finding Pyramid Chi in Ubud Bali

Sound Bathing in a Bali Pyramid. On a trip to Bali we visited the Pyramids of Chi, only minutes from the centre of Ubud, for a vibrational sound healing and relaxation session.   We have never experienced this before but we are always open to

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How Aroma Scents Influence Us

Scents Influence Your Wellness The use of aromas, fragrances, and scents dates back centuries and across all continents throughout the world and while the sense of smell has always been important to us it has taken a natural resurgence in the past few years and

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Soul Searching Is About Re-Searching

How to Find What Your Soul Searching For. When your soul is tired, sleep is not the best remedy to make you feel vibrant and alive. I have often read and heard quotes along the lines of ‘awake is the new sleep!’ This could not

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Time Out, Make it Count

Making the Most of Down Time Feeling guilty about taking time out for yourself? If you feel that there’s not enough hours in the day, you have a heavy work load to get through or things that can’t wait, before you can have some time

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How To Slow Down

Unwind, Before Switching Off. Never ask a busy person to ‘do nothing’ they need to gradually unwind by doing something. It feels strange, awkward, a sense of ‘I should be doing something’ when you go from a hectic life and work pace to finally having

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Causes of Your Stress and Managing It.

Can’t Stop Stress, Try Managing It. The situations and pressures we are under affect our stress levels in different ways and each of us handles stress the best way we can but have you ever thought about managing your stress differently, so that it does

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What’s the Right Massage for You?

What’s the Best Massage For Your Needs At ikatan Spa we find most people don’t really understand or realise what type of massage is best for their needs and that’s ok as we do understand what people need. Our reception staff are trained to ask

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Luxury Spa Treatments at Ikatan Spa

Best Chi Massage to Balance Stress

Chi Massage for Balancing Stress. At ikatan Spa we say ‘guests get the Chi-out effect‘ like being super chilled-out but a much deeper relaxation, where they can’t talk after this treatment.   ikatan Spa Chi Massage Treatment was named because it has Chinese origins, hence

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5 Tips for a relaxing Babymoon in Noosa

What makes a relaxing Babymoon in Noosa   What is a babymoon? No, it’s not the full moon shape of your tummy when you’re in your third trimester! It’s a holiday you take with your partner when your tummy is in full bloom with a

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melbourne Cup Day escape to a day spa in Noosa

Melbourne Cup Day the Wellness Way

The Race That Stops The Nation, Let it Stop You Too! In Queensland, while we don’t have a public holiday, many businesses close for Melbourne Cup Lunches. In the past few years, Day Spa’s are seeing more people opting to spend cup day the wellness

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Noosa Triathlon Entourage Time Out!

Athlete, Support Crew, Triathlon Enthusiast, Media, Family and Friends this is for You! Noosa Triathlon Entourage pays homage to the partners, family and friends of the triathletes who flock to the Noosa Triathlon each year. The Noosa Tri Entourage are the support crew, the people behind

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Retreat for a Day at Noosa’s Best Day Spa

Sunshine Coast Day Retreat For the ultimate day off, time out, destress, escape and recharge your body, mind and soul, ikatan Day Spa’s Day Retreat in a beautiful destination on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland just minutes from Noosa. But how exactly do you spend an entire

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Best Pregnancy Day Spa Treatments

Best Pregnancy Treatments Pregnancy can be an exciting,  joyous, spiritual time  but it’s often comes with some stress on your physical, emotional and mental health.   The body is stretched in many ways as it adapts to grow a baby and carry the extra weight.

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5 Reasons to get a Head Massage

5 Reasons to get a Head Massage Getting a head massage does more than just feel soothing and relaxing. There are many reasons why massaging the scalp has a profound effect on the way we feel.   Massaging the head and scalp is helpful for

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Mantra Massage at Ikatan Day Spa in Noosa

Mantra Massage at Ikatan Day Spa in Noosa. A Mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. In a never-ending search to find the best day spa treatments is the perfect excuse for me to visit some of the best spas

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Special Summer ikatan Spa Treatments

Summer Day Spa Treatments

What Spa Treatments do you need this Summer? Sandy feet, salt-kissed hair,  it’s Summer take me there!   While we all love to get out in the sun, sea and sand, enjoying the freedom of relaxing on the beach or long walks in the Noosa

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5 Easy Fathers Day Gift Ideas

5 Father’s Day Gift ideas   Not all dads want BCF and Bunnings vouchers. Sometimes more thoughtful and creative Father’s Day gift ideas can be hard to think of. But let’s face it; mums don’t like getting toasters and irons on Mother’s Day either, so

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Why Buy a Day Spa Gift of Relaxation

Reasons to Buy a Day Spa Gift Vouchers The most recent research shows that experiences, rather than material objects, are more likely to make us happy. With that in mind, here’s the perfect gift idea for anyone who lives in, or will be visiting, Noosa.

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