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Organic & Cosmeceutical

Pregnancy safe options

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Organic and Cosmeceutical Vitamin Skin Care Facials

At ikatan Spa our facials are personalised for your skin and therefore suitable for male and female skin of all ages and skin types no matter what facial you book, or just book the time you require and your Spa Therapists will help you with choosing the right facial for your skin, as the price is only determined by the length of facial time.

What's the difference between Organic and Cosmeceutical skin care? 

Organic skincare includes products comprised from naturally sourced ingredients that are produced without chemicals or pesticides however being organic and plant based products means they can be reactive because the product is in it's purist form so that it offers the best quality nature can provide.

Cosmeceuticals skincare are products that have both cosmetic and therapeutic effects and have a beneficial effect on skin as they contain active ingredients for skin cell function. Cosmeceuticals bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceutical-grade creams. While cosmetics (makeup)change the appearance of the skin, cosmeceuticals change its function, as they are highly effective products containing active ingredients that actually change the way your skin works therefore repairing, restoring, rejuvenating skin within the skin cellular structure to feed the skin with stabilised vitamin ingredients to turn back time and maintain a youthful appearance.

How do you know what facial to choose? If you have a preference to Organic or Cosmeceutical skin care, we have the different facials listed. If  you are unsure what you would like to have, let us know if you would like a 75 minute facial or a 60 minute facial and your professional Spa Therapists will help you decide what's the best option for your skin concerns, needs and results you would like to achieve at time of consultation prior to commencing your facial.

Saya Organic Skincare

We choose SAYA for our Signature and Botanical Facials at ikatan Spa, using organic ingredients with powerful actives,  vegan approved ingredients to protect our ecosystems and offers an uncomplicated approach to skincare, delivering beautiful, visible results. Saya Skincare is proudly certified with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) COSMOS- a globally recognized certification for organic cosmetics and skincare. This ensures that our products are produced with high quality ingredients, sustainable and formulations adhere to strict standards that will never contain harsh toxic ingredients.

ASAP Cosmeceutical Skincare

asap skin products are Australia's number one cosmeceutical skin care brand, successfully providing the highest quality cosmeceutical skincare for men and women. The range is Australian owned and made to offer concise, uncomplicated skin care for busy people.
Scientifically formulated to provide visible results for difficult skin concerns, including sun damaged, ageing and acne prone skin, the range draws on highly active cosmeceutical ingredients, including AHAs, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide(B Vitamin), Vitamin C, Vitamin A and antioxidants to promote younger, fresher and healthier looking skin.

What we love most about asap is that we are guaranteed of supply in Australian and we can tailor the individual peels and vitamins to suit your skin, plus the products use environmentally friendly ingredients, contain no harmful chemicals, micro-plastics, parabens, SLS/SLES, mineral oil, artificial fragrances or animal derivatives, and are not tested on animals.

Environ Cosmeceutical Skincare

Created by Dr Des Fernades, a Plastic Surgeon, Environ is made in South Africa where the climate is similar to Australia and Environ have developed an extensive range of highly effective products to help create gorgeous, glowing, beautiful skin for a lifetime. Environ facial products contain high potency levels of Vitamin A, supported by a range of other vitamins, anti-oxidants and skin enhancing ingredients. What we love about Environ is the step up system to introducing vitamin A gradually to the skin and that it does not contain any added aroma or perfumes, for those who are sensitive to aromas.

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