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Seasons Change, So Do We.

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Seasons Change and So Do We.

Seasonal Special treatments at ikatan Spa are in tune nature, created to suit the seasons. We change the  treatments as we move through the year with different aromas, ingredients, products and ways of caring for your skin, emotions and bodies through seasonality changes.

Summer is by far the busiest season of the year. Living a more outdoor social lifestyle in the sun without a lot of clothing. While we all need vitamin D from the suns rays, it's a time when the body tends to age from the effects of being outside for longer periods in more intense sun, sea, pools and usually a lot more socialising with eating and drinking. At ikatan Spa we offer summer treatments that are focused on hydrating skin and nourishing for the body, while at the same time giving you time to escape for some rest to re-charge your body and clear your mind.

Autumn is a time of year when we tend to get back to routine and healthier habits, as the days grow shorter we spend less time outside, tend towards needing more rest and less social activity. Nature reflects autumn in the changing colours and shedding of old leaves, much the same as we do with skin. It's a season for routine, regrouping, rejuvenating and restoring ourselves with Spa treatments focused on woody aromas and withdrawing to restore and calm our bodies and minds. Autumn treatments focus on resurfacing skin to remove the dry layers from summer and bringing the body into a better equilibrium.

Winter is the time for hibernation with a more comforting change in lifestyle, when we tend towards feeling cosy and warm, which is the focus for our winter Seasonal Specials. Spicy aromas, warmth and comfort is nurturing for deep relaxation, re-energising and restfully re-setting our emotions, mind and body during winter hibernation, making our winter seasonal specials popular treatments.

Spring brings an awakening of nature, including us, as the body and mind progress into renewed energy. Brighter, longer days and all things new appear in nature and we embrace this with fresh, invigorating spring treatments to prepare your body for the abundance of life, more social and outdoor living. The aroma of sweet fruits and subtle florals are perfect treatments for new beginnings, glowing skin and energy after a restful winter. It's time to spring into life with all things energising  in this seasons special treatments.

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Seasonal Specials