Best Spa Treatments for Sleep

Improve Sleep with Spa Treatments

I am not sure where the concept of having a firm massage to relax came from but I wish it was easier to convince people that your body really needs nurturing and kindness, not discomfort and pain, to relax, destress and unload the mind, especially where mental and emotional stress is concerned.


Healing Emotional and Mental Fatigue

We book more guest seeking spa treatments for emotional and mental fatigue, suffering from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, sleep deprived and with signs of adrenal burn out, more than any other reason for booking spa treatments.

It’s why we created specific massages, treatments, packages and a Day Retreat at ikatan Spa, to help with recovery, rest, relaxation and often sleep during treatments.


Napping during a spa treatment is beneficial for balancing fatigue and emotional stress. You may only drift off to sleep for fifteen minutes, some people sleep through an entire treatment or go in and out of sleep during packages which offer up to six hours of treatments.

Some people try to stay awake for fear of missing out on the experience but if your body feels comforted and nurtured, drifting off to sleep during a treatment is what you need.


Here’s some of our most ‘sleepy’ treatments.

1.Chi massage

Once you experience an ikatan Spa Chi Massage, you’ll understand why it’s one of our most popular treatments, for stress relief and sleep.

When you’re exhausted, your body needs nurturing and this was the main focus when we created the Chi Massage for ikatan Spa.


Chi massage is slow, soothing, rhythmical, with a light to medium pressure and carefully structured so one move flows into another.

Chi is a Chinese word (qui)chi meaning energy. 

Chi massage is based on the Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, water and metal. Each of these elements has characteristics that become unbalanced when your body is suffering from stress, fatigue, mental or physical burn out, a depressed or overactive mind or a combination of these things.

By preparing and using particular Chi essential oils to balance the elements, a herbal compress and combination of massage styles during this treatment, it creates a natural shift in your mind and body to help balance your Chi (energy) and most people drift off to sleep or have a better nights sleep after the Chi massage.


2.Signature or Anti-ageing Facial

We all wear our stress on our faces, it shows in a person’s skin, how they feel within, especially when feeling tired, stressed, drained, emotional or generally unwell.

You can’t hide how you feel, it shows in your face. So why wouldn’t you want to feel good, happy, relaxed and have it reflect in your face?


Our Facials at ikatan Spa are always about a sensory journey along with vegan, plant based botanical, skin care products for deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask, serums and moisturiser. While subtle aroma products treat your skin, drift away with extensive massage to face, scalp, neck, décolletage, shoulders, arms and hands.


Touch is Magic for Your Nervous System

Facials offers deep relaxation for those who have a busy mind and hold the feel and look of their stress and tension in their face.

During a facial, Therapists use a lighter, softer touch in repetitive rhythmical patterns over the peripheral nerve endings on and around the face and scalp. The peripheral nerves are important structures in the body that carries information from the brain and spinal cord out to the muscles to initiate movement. This brain and sensory touch exchange from soft repetitive movements simply send a message of calm to your mind and therefore, it relaxes your facial muscles.


3.Serenity Packages

We combined our ikatan Spa thirty minute Foot Therapy and thirty minute Asian Head Massage to offer a package that addresses the body with more than just massage.


Foot Therapy starts with a warm foot soak in rose/geranium salts combined with rose milk and magnesium flakes all of which helps to relax your entire body and feels silky smooth on your feet. Next comes a foot buff and scrub before a massage to feet and lower legs which can make your entire body feel relaxed, calm and sleepy.


ikatan Asian Head Massage, where you are seated in a large rattan chair with legs raised on a foot stool, rather than laying down so that we can massage your scalp with different Asian techniques and aroma oil. 

We combine Asian techniques from Bali, Thailand, China, Japan and India all of which are designed to help clear the mind, release tension and most likely send you to sleep.

Serenity Package is very popular treatment during times of stress, overloaded minds, trouble sleeping and for those who prefer not to lay down for a massage. 


Choose Nurturing for De-Stressing

If you are feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed or sleep deprived, choose a nurturing treatment with aromatherapy, a facial, head and foot treatments, at ikatan we offer packages that include all of the above treatments to help you rest and hopefully drift off to sleep.


Sleep treatments are like power naps for selfcare.


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