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Chi Massage is the Best Style of Massage for Balancing Stress.

At ikatan Spa we say ‘guests get the Chi-out effect‘ like being super chilled-out but a much deeper relaxation, where they can’t remember their pin number to pay on card or talk after this treatment. It always puts a smile on our faces when we see guest leave ikatan Spa with Chi-out symptoms. 

I discovered the benefits of Chi in a massage after experiencing an amazing transformation from feeling burnt out to chilled out after a 90 minute massage in Malaysia.

The massage was so different to any other massage I had previously learnt or experienced.  I took the opportunity to book for two more massages at Chi day spa and managed to stayed awake so I could understand the entire concept and introduce a similar treatment at ikatan Spa. 

ikatan Spa Chi Massage Treatment was named because it has Chinese origins, hence the use of the Chinese word (qui)chi meaning energy. Chi massage is based on the Chinese elements of wood, fire, air, earth, water and metal. Each of these elements has characteristics that become unbalanced when your body is suffering from stress, fatigue, mental or physical burn out, a depressed or overactive mind or a combination of these things.

By preparing and using particular chi essential oils to balance the elements, a herbal compress ball and combination of massage styles in this treatment to create a natural shift in your mind and body to help balance your chi (energy).
Chi massage also incorporates a relaxing foot massage over your chi reflex points (This is not reflexology) but also help balance your chi (energy)

Chi elements and essential oils used

On arrival at ikatan Day Spa, while enjoying a welcome drink, you select your personal choice of Chi aroma blend.  Your therapists then prepares the appropriate chi essential oils along with the herbal compress for your treatment.

What happens during a chi massage?

Chi aroma essential oils, herbal compress and combination of massage styles during this treatment create a natural shift in your mind and body to help balance your chi (energy) .

The herbal compresses we use are created for ikatan Spa in Bali, using natural dried herbs gathered into a cloth ball and tied with the extra cloth making a handle for us to hold the compress ball to apply the warm oil in a circular rhythmical motion before we massage with our hands. As the oil goes on to the skin, the herbs in the compress ball help release muscle tiredness and relieve body fatigue.

How does chi massage work?

Your Chinese aroma oil elements of earth, fire, air, water, wood and metal also relate to dominant meridian depicted on our chi chart, read by your therapists. During the foot massage, which is included in the Chi Massage Treatment, we can then focus on massaging the governing reflex points in your feet (this is not a reflexology treatment).

Along with your element essential oils being absorbed though the skin, inhaling their aroma and the soothing massage moves we use to calm your body and mind, you will feel yourself de-stressing, if you’re not already asleep.

Chi massage is unique to ikatan Spa

The massage moves and techniques I put together for our Chi Massage Treatment are different to the massages I experienced in Malaysia because I’ve studied many styles of massage, so this was an opportunity for ikatan Spa Chi Massage to incorporate the concept of other modalities I have studied. Chinese elements with massage moves and techniques based on aromatherapy combined with Balinese,Hawaiian and Chinese, integrated with chakra moves which I feel offer the best of each style for de-stressing the mind and body.

Why gentle massage is best for stress relief

Chi Massage Ikatan SpaWhen you’re exhausted, your body needs nurturing therefore this massage is slow, soothing, with light to medium pressure, and carefully structured so one move flows into another.

We continually educate our guests to understand that when your body is under stress the last thing you need is a firm massage. I’m not sure where the concept of having a firm massage to relax came from but I wish it was not so hard to convince people that your body really needs nurturing and kindness not the feeling of pain to destress, especially where mental and emotional stress is concerned. We see more guest choosing spa treatments for emotional and mental fatigue, suffering from feeling  overwhelmed, exhausted, a full mind and generally adrenal burn out and it’s why I created this massage for these guests.

Think about it like this; if your body is under stress of any kind why would you want to send a message of more stress to your body? When experiencing a firm massage your body responds to the pain caused by sending internal stress signals to your mind telling your body to prepare for more stress. Would you cuddle and nurture an upset friend or child or hurt them to make them calmer? Your body responds the same way to a soothing, nurturing massage as compared to a deep or firm massage that hurts and that’s why you need to be cared for with kindness not painfulness.

A gentle massage is definitely the best way to combat stress.

How long does a chi massage take?

Like all good things, it takes time, which is why the Chi Massage is only available as a 90 minute massage. We felt the need to extend the Chi treatment beyond 90 minutes, so we added a 30 minute Calming facial to create the Chi-Omi Package as a Special but we do book the Chi-Omi Package even when it’s not on our Specials page, just ask for it.

After your Chi Massage, the chi aroma oil is best left on your skin for lasting benefits, so ideally you’ll have time to enjoy a drink prepared by your therapist and relax in our tropical gardens after your massage. We also make and sell our Chi Massage essential oil aroma blends for diffusers, so our guest can continue to use them at home or work in a room diffuser when feeling stressed, tired, or overwhelmed.

Would you like to try a chi massage?

We find it interesting and rewarding seeing how our Chi Massage works on clients and are often amazed at how positively the Chi Massage treatment effects us too as we breathe in the aroma of the essential oils and work to a slower rhythm, or even have a Chi Massage ourselves!

Here’s what our guests say about the Chi Massage.

  • Definitely the most relaxing treatment I have ever had, and I have had so many! Thank you, Jennifer
  • Wonderfully relaxing, calming and all round beautiful nurturing experience. I need to take my therapists home. Thank you, Ashley

If you’d like to book a Chi Massage for yourself or a loved one contact ikatan Spa now or buy as a gift.

Does this sound like the type of massage you need?

We hope we can help you restore your Chi (energy)

Katrina – owner ikatan Spa Noosa

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