Why We Love The Warmth of Bali

Special Winter Warmth of Bali Package


Winter is Time for Hibernation

We naturally gravitate to a more comforting time of year as we slip into a winter lifestyle, when we tend towards feeling cosy and warm, which is the focus for our winter Seasonal Specials. Spicy aromas, warmth and comfort is nurturing for deep relaxation, re-energising and restfully re-setting our emotions, mind and body during winter hibernation, making the Warmth of Bali a popular package. Enjoy a 45 minute Body Scrub/Wrap + 45 minute Balinese Massage + 30 minute Calming Facial.


Restorative for an anxious mind, stress and fatigue.

What we love most about this winter special is the way we see guests transform from wrestles, fidgety busy minds to total relaxation and drifting off to sleep.


Body treatments are the perfect way to unwind a busy mind as more senses are engaged, which takes your mind on a sensory journey as you breathe in aromas, feel the warmth and texture of the body scrub on your skin and soothing hands with flowing movements relaxing your body. 

We make our own body scrubs following traditional recipes with herbs and spices from Queensland to ensure fresh, quality ingredients in our authentic body treatments.
ikatan Spa therapists don’t leave the room while you are in a body wrap, we stay with you while you are cocooned ​and massage your scalp with or without a nourishing light dry oil as your breathe slows and we feel you drift into a more relaxed mode,

It’s a shame to disturb you but it’s time for a warm shower, in your treatment room, prepared for you by your therapists before they unwrap you ​and help you into the warm shower to rinse the body treatment from your skin.

Therapists leave the room after changing and preparing the bed for your massage.
As the warm oil glides over your freshly exfoliated smooth skin your mind and body ​are dropping into a deeper state of relaxation with a Balinese Massage to the back of your body.

Finishing this package with an ikatan Calming Facial which we created at ikatan Spa to offer a thirty minute personalised treatment for your skin while relaxing the tension in your face.


This mini facial feels longer than it is and it’s the perfect add on as a very relaxing way to finish any treatment. Cleanse and mild peel that not only exfoliates but also hydrates at the same time. While the peel works it magic, drift away with a soothing scalp massage. Soft mitts embrace your face to remove the peel, rose toner to remove residue followed by a lymphatic facial massage (which is in all our facials) to soften facial tension that create the facial lines, before personalised finishing products are applied to your refreshed skin. Complimentary application of organic mineral makeup.


You will only find the Warmth of Bali Special listed during June, July and August but you can request this treatment any time of year.


We know you will love the Warmth of Bali as much as we do.



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