Our Massage Treatments


All ikatan Spa massages are based on our signature Balinese style of massage right here in Noosa. A unique blend of warm oil, stretching, long flowing strokes and forearm moves by your therapist, creating a massage that feels like we have more than two hands.

Our Spa Therapists are trained one on one at ikatan Spa in traditional Balinese massage techniques with a focus on relaxation, nurturing, balancing, de-stressing the mind and body for improved wellness. 

There are many different styles of Balinese massage, each with its own benefits.

Our Balinese massage is for relaxation, therefore we do not offer deep tissue, remedial, sports or very firm massage, nor do we pull fingers or toes as you may have experienced in Bali, but you will leave feeling de-stressed and relaxed.

For your time out and in respect for other guest, we are a silent mobile zone at ikatan Spa.

Massage Treatments FAQ

Is an ikatan Balinese Massage the same as in Bali?

All ikatan Spa therapists undergo one-on-one training at ikatan Spa to master traditional Balinese massage styles. While incorporating techniques from various modalities, the focus is on a holistic wellness approach. The ikatan Spa experience differs from Bali, emphasizing a more relaxed departure, allowing clients time to savor privacy after the treatment.

What massage or pressure do you need?

ikatan Spa offers a unique approach to massage, emphasizing the therapist's training style. Lighter pressures are calming and nurturing, medium pressures target muscle tension, and deep tissue or remedial massages are not offered. The focus is on wellness and nurturing, providing a holistic Balinese style using forearms, palming hands, and bodyweight for a comprehensive body care approach.

Is Balinese Massage like a Thai massage?

No, Balinese Massage is distinct from Thai Massage. The Mantra massage, however, incorporates warm oil and body stretching without the use of feet, offering a unique experience.

Do you offer pregnancy massage and treatments?

ikatan Spa provides Pregnancy Massage with therapists trained in safe practices. A 90-minute massage is recommended for a more relaxed experience, allowing time for therapists to address changing areas in the body. Specialized positions are used for comfort during pregnancy massages. Detailed descriptions, pregnancy-safe options, and prices are available on the menu.