Signature ikatan Packages


Calm your mind, balance your body and restore your soul with our selection of Signature Packages.

Our packages include a combination of treatments and are better value than single treatments as they include a package price. 


It takes at least the first hour for a body and mind to give in to relaxation, therefore packages give you more time to relax as treatments flow seamlessly from one to next with one spa therapist caring for you throughout your package.


You may be attracted by a particular name of a package, as it gives you an indication as to the benefits it offers.

Have a look at our Treatments By Time list if you want a quick overview of our packages inclusions and duration.


We are only a call, email or booking request away from helping you find what’s best for you. 

Full Day Retreat


Signature Packages


Packages for Two


Wellness Packages

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Packages for Two

Sharing time together to relax is not just for couples, packages are popular for friends and family too.


Packages for two take place in one of our double treatment rooms, while feet and head massage are enjoyed surround by nature together in a communal garden room.


You can choose any treatments from our Day Spa menu and request a double room together. If you can’t find a package with treatments you want, we are happy to create a package for you. 

ikatan Signature Packages


We include a package price when we combine treatments that flow together to make a package.


ikatan Spa’s Signature packages are thoughtfully curated with a focus on de-stressing to transport you to a world of tranquility and rejuvenation, providing an escape from the demands of everyday life.


Each signature package at ikatan Spa is a harmonious blend of therapeutic treatments, ensuring a holistic and immersive experience.


From soothing massages to help calm stress to revitalising facials that enhance your natural glow, our spa packages cater to your every need.

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Wellness Packages

Our Wellness Packages provide guests with the opportunity to decide on their preferred treatments upon arrival, offering enhanced inclusions, flexibility, and a wider selection of options at ikatan Spa. 


Distinguished from our other packages, Wellness Packages stand out for their additional choices and adaptable components, catering for busy or indecisive individuals.


They are an excellent gift option with flexibility, when uncertain about the ideal package to for a gift.

Full Day Retreat


Sometimes, everyone needs to escape.


ikatan Spa is the perfect place to retreat when you feel stressed, overworked or tired and need to escape to rest, relax, rejuvenate and restore your energy.


We created our Day Retreat Package when we saw the need to provide a wellness escape. An all inclusive personalised day, planned for you after we receive your Day Retreat consultation form.


Escape on your own, with a friend or partner. All our retreat packages are bespoke, including pregnancy safe Day Retreats to cater for this special time in your life when you need nurturing.


We focus on wellness at ikatan Spa, especially when we are creating packages for Day Retreat guests.


Immerse yourself at ikatan Day Retreat, an all-inclusive, personalized experience designed to rejuvenate the body, alleviate mental strain, and nourish the inner self.


Whether seeking solace alone, enjoying the company of a friend, or sharing the retreat with a partner, our bespoke packages cater to all. This includes specialized pregnancy-safe Day Retreats, ensuring nurturing care during this unique phase of life.