Mantra Mind & Body Package 2 HRS


Mantra Massage & Calming Facial

Not Pregnancy Safe

Mantra: a word or sound repeated to help the mind stay in the present moment.


90 minute Mantra Massage + 30 minute Calming Facial


Your body will stay in the physical, present moment while your mind completely escapes.

Uniquely created by ikatan Spa, our Mantra Massage is about a physical experience to also help with emotional stress. Mantra is more than a massage, it helps bring your mind to the present moment and forget about your world beyond this experience.


Continual flowing massage that incorporates stretches in a holistic approach to improve overall wellness. So uniquely created, we massage your back in three different ways, stretching your arms, legs, hips and shoulders, all incorporated with relaxing, flowing massage so that you can only focus on the way we massage and move your body and this helps your mind escape.


At ikatan Spa we focus on de-stressing, calming, nurturing and relaxing the body and mind. Therefore, we do not offer deep tissue, remedial or firm massage. All our Spa Therapists are trained in ikatan Styles of Massage, with long flowing moves using palming hands and forearms as well as stretching in the Mantra Massage.


Flowing on from the massage into a 30 minute Calming Facial, designed by us to relax and calm the tight facial muscles that create a stressed appearance, while offering a cleanse and mild peel that not only exfoliates but also hydrates at the same time.Complimentary, light application of organic, vegan, mineral makeup.


Contraindications: The body stretches in this massage incorporate extended movement to legs, back and hip areas as well as arms and shoulders. Therefore, Mantra Massage is not suitable if you are pregnant, have injuries that may affect your back, hip, neck, shoulder or arm restrictions or problems. Ask reception staff if you have any areas of concern as some stretches help or can be omitted or adjusted for your needs.


Ask us about upgrading your massage to include magnesium oil or anti-ageing oil for ultimate relaxation and improved wellness.

Important Details

Allow time before or after treatments to relax in the gardens with a complimentary glass of champagne (non alcoholic sparkling option) or pot of herbal T2 tea. We also have a boutique wine list, craft beer or sparkling water available to purchase.


If you are having a treatment finishing after 5:00 pm please arrive 30 minutes prior to your booking to have your complimentary beverage in the gardens.


To ensure convenient transportation, especially during evenings with limited Ubers or Taxis in Noosa, it's advised to pre-book or organize return transport from ikatan Spa to your accommodation. Book for 6:15 pm for treatments ending at 6 pm, as staff leaves at 6:30 pm due to family commitments.


A few days prior to your booking, you will receive a text message from ikatan Spa to the mobile number provided for your booking. Scroll down and click on the safe link to our quick online health questionnaire and fill in the details pertaining to your treatments. We require the health information to be completed by everyone entering ikatan Spa prior to your arrival for spa treatments please. Your data is only used by ikatan Spa to prepare for your treatments.

Policies & Procedures

We look forward to welcoming you to ikatan Spa! Ensuring everyone's health and safety is our top priority, so there are a few important details to share before confirming your treatments. 

Our operating hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday, and we're closed on Sundays and public holidays. If you haven't received a booking reply, please check your spam/junk folder or give us a call at +61 7 5471 1199.

For those with a Gift Voucher, make sure to mention the voucher number in the booking form to facilitate the process. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel without charge if you show any signs of illness or have been around unwell individuals. Cancelling within 24 hours or presenting symptoms on the day will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

We accept various payment methods, including cash, gift visa cards, Apple Pay, and all credit cards with no surcharges.

You can cancel bookings up to 24 hours before your treatment date by calling +61 7 5471 1199 or replying "NO" to the text confirmation message.

We're here to assist you with your booking request, so please double-check the accuracy of your email address and phone number in the booking form. If you haven't heard from our reception team, check your junk or spam box.

We respond to booking request emails between 9 am and 6 pm. Your cooperation and kindness towards our staff, who are dedicated to helping you, are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to serving you at ikatan Spa!


For your best experience read our full.


policies and information 

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