About ikatan Spa Massage

Our focus is about de-stressing the mind and the body for improved wellness. We do not offer deep tissue or remedial massage.

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About ikatan Spa Unique Massages

GUEST REVIEW: I usually prefer a firm, remedial massage but I loved how good ikatan Massage felt and amazed at how relaxed I feel. By no means a firm massage nor a soft one, it was perfect. James.

Often asked questions: 

Is ikatan Balinese massage the same as I get in Bali’? All ikatan Spa Therapists are trained one on one at ikatan Spa in tone of the traditional Balinese massage styles. While there’s lots of different types of Balinese massage styles, ikatan therapists also incorporate techniques from training in other massage modalities to enhance our style of massages to a more holistic wellness style.

ikatan Spa massage pressure is not deep remedial or painful, nor do we pull fingers and toes or sit you up at the end of a massage to pummel your back as you may have experienced in Bali. Unlike Bali where guests are sat upright to have you awaken and out of a room quicker, at ikatan Spa we allow time to leave you covered, laying on the treatment bed for privacy, to get up when your therapist leaves the room.

We use forearms, full palming hands in flowing movements, along with our body weight while in motion to provide a rhythmic connection in tune with your body to relax,  calm, de-stress and relax the body, mind and emotions.

What massage or pressure  do you think you need? May not actually be what your body needs. Here's a quick guide to help you understand what massage your body needs, what we offer at ikatan Spa and if it suits your requirements.

Our Spa Therapists will only give the massage styles they are trained in, the way we do massage at ikatan Spa and are not to be coerced by guests to perform deep, firm, remedial or sports style massage. If you book at ikatan Spa you are choosing to have one of the massage styles we offer.

  • Lighter massage pressures are soothing for the body and give a calming, kind, nurturing effect for anxiety and stress relief. ikatan Spa light pressure is not soft but full palms flowing without digging into sore areas so that the body feels cared for and will then relax and release emotional tension.
  • Light to medium massage pressure is usually best for mental and physical fatigue, when you feel exhausted and or overwhelmed. In need of nurturing but are physically drained, ikatan Spa combines lighter pressure to let the mind drift away, with medium pressure from flowing hands, forearm and some focus of areas we find tight.
  • Medium massage pressure is ideal if your focus is on muscle tension that needs time spent on areas that hold tension while still offering relaxation with flowing hands, forearms, maybe some elbows and we are likely to find some sore areas.

Can I book a deep tissue massage’? We do not offer deep tissue or remedial massage at ikatan Spa as this type of specialised sports massage should be conducted on a regular basis with the same practitioner qualified in this modality for an effective outcome.

At ikatan Spa, our focus is on wellness and nurturing, with our unique Balinese style of massage using forearms and palming hands along with bodyweight to control movement and pressure of our arms and hands, for a holistic approach to caring for the body.

Is Balinese Massage like a Thai massage‘. No, Balinese massage is nothing like a Thai Massage and is as different as the countries and cultures are. If you like Thai massage for it's stretching, maybe you will find our Mantra massage suits you. Mantra massage uses warm oil and incorporates a lot of body stretching while massaging but we don’t use our feet or walk on you like some Thai massage does.

Upgrade your massage to include Magnesium 

Transdermal magnesium is said to be one of the most therapeutic treatments you could receive. Magnesium is essential for vibrant health and offers fast relief for recovery, muscle aches, pains, tension and stress, all of which are our main focus for adding magnesium to a massage and why we have introduced the use of quality trans-dermal magnesium to ikatan Spa.

Magnesium can be added to any massage and preferably, left on the body for an extended period post-massage to gain the most benefit. We apply the transdermal magnesium gel to your body then apply the warm massage oil over the magnesium, this helps the magnesium to be absorbed during the massage.

Upgrade your massage to include Anti-ageing Oil which is blended by ikatan Spa using the highest quality Vitamin A, C, E immersed in organic plant and nut oils chosen for their high level of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and clarifying properties to improve skin texture, tone and appearance. Light textured oil with a subtle aroma that absorbs easily, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky after the massage. The longer you leave our bestselling Anti-ageing oil on your skin the better the benefits.

 'Do you offer pregnancy massage and treatments at ikatan Spa' At ikatan Spa our therapists are trained in Pregnancy Massage and we have a dedicated guide page for pregnancy treatments using safe products.

A relaxed Mumma is best for bubba, during gestation and for early child learning and behaviour.

At ikatan Spa we want you to have a relaxed, nurturing experience and like all good things, it take time. While we offer a 60-minute pregnancy massage, it is by far a better pregnancy massage experience to have a 90-minute massage to give your therapist time to look after areas in your body that are changing and need more time for us to make a difference also giving yourself time to relax.

A longer massage is only a minimal extra cost for a lot more benefit in giving us time to work on focus areas and finish with a neck, décolletage, shoulders and head massage. Once you are past the stage of laying on your tummy for a massage we lay you on your side with pillows for support as it is the most comfortable position for baby and mum-to-be during a pregnancy massage because it’s how you both sleep when pregnant.

You will find detailed description, pregnancy safe or potions and prices on each treatment on our menu.

'Do you cater for special needs guests' Yes we do, depending on your special needs. At ikatan Spa we have wheel chair access to reception, treatment rooms and some garden areas. Reception staff are happy to help you with any special needs requests.

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