Magnesium Foot Soak

Duration: 15-30 minutes $25

Add on with any treatment.

Pregnancy safe  

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Magnesium foot soak can only be added as an add on to other treatments.

Soak your feet in pure magnesium flakes, towel dry and spritz with Magnesium oil.

Soak for at least 15 - 30 minutes in high-quality magnesium with absorption through the feet which is safe and effective to help with improvement of muscle spasms and cramps and other types of pain as well as helping with stress disorders, headaches, chronic fatigue symptoms, general wellbeing and improved energy levels. This is the power of giving your body what has been dubbed the “master mineral.” Pregnancy safe, however, every pregnancy is different and it is best to check with your doctor before having trans-dermal (absorption through the skin) magnesium during pregnancy.

Book to arrive 30 minutes before or allow time after your treatment and can be offered during some packages and treatments that include a head massage. Enjoy a warm magnesium foot soak while in the gardens with a pot of herbal tea or champagne.

We also have a boutique European wine list and craft beer and sparkling water to enjoy in the gardens before or after treatments.

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