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Como Shambhala Massage.

It’s always a busy time for us in Bali with a long shopping list for supplies and collecting items we have pre-ordered to have made, all to keep ikatan Spa Noosa authentically Balinese in style. On a recent business trip to Bali, we stayed at Uma by Como, which is our home, away from home in Ubud, Bali.

While owning a Day Spa sounds like we spend time having Spa treatments, it could not be further from the truth, but we do make sure we have a regular massage when in Bali. We like to find and try new and traditional treatments we have not yet experienced in the interest of inspiring us to create treatments for our guests at ikatan Spa to experience. We find it hard to find a good Balinese style massage, when in Bali, from qualified therapists who know what to do with our areas of stress and tension.

What makes a good massage

Balinese Massage at Ikatan Spa NoosaWe are never disappointed with the massage at Como Shambhala Uma where therapists are well trained and you can feel the experience and training they are given, the minute they lay their hands on your body.

The nurturing Como Shambhala Massage is the Day Spa’s signature massage that uses aromatherapy oils to calm the mind and balance the body. It’s an ideal massage for those needing to improve their general wellbeing and our therapists, after a quick consultation about our areas of concern, knew what they needed to do and how to care for both of us.

As a massage therapist of many styles and techniques, including Balinese, I am always a little fussy about what I want from a massage. However it’s not about hard pressure, it’s more about the care, the commitment, listening and delivering a flowing massage given from the heart and hands that makes a good massage. Training, of course, helps with every aspect of a massage but a therapist must enjoy where they work and what they do for a guest.

You get what you pay for with a massage.

When you have a massage at the Como Shambhala Uma, you get the entire time you book having a massage rather than the usual Bali Spa foot soak included in your massage time. I love that my time at this boutique Day Spa is spent on massage, it’s what I booked and what I need.

What makes the Shambhala signature massage so relaxing is the confidence in the therapists to care for you, it immediately helps me hand over my body to her skilled hands as she applies the beautiful blend of aroma oil with a medium pressure that oozes care and skill.

Massage at Ikatan Spa Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Australia
ikatan Noosa Balinese Massage
There are hundreds of styles of Balinese Massage

Each Spa or massage place in Bali has its own version of a Balinese Massage, however, this type of massage should always be based on long flowing strokes using the palms of the hands. The pressure of Balinese massage is not hard, it’s not meant to be a remedial or sports massage but it can be as light or firm pressure as needed. Don’t expect to have your sports injuries or tight neck ‘fixed’ from having a Balinese massage as it’s about relaxation, which in turn helps the areas of tension. Often painful muscle tension is caused by problems you need to see a Chiropractor or Osteopath about and something that a massage won’t fix but may help relax the area.

What’s not to love about this massage

Shambhala signature massage, what I remember of it, was so good I did not want it to end. What I loved most, is my therapist remembered what I had discussed with her during the consultation and spent time on my shoulder injury with care and detailed attention without hurting me. I could feel the commitment to her work through her hands as I drifted off into one of those periods of sleep that is short but feels like forever.

I love my stomach massaged.

Stomach massage is so good for calming emotional tension and improved digestion but you have a choice not to have this area massaged but please try it. Therapists don’t ‘look’ at bodies, we feel what bodies need and massage all shapes and sizes of bodies with a non-judgemental approach, It’s just what we do as a therapist.

As our therapists finished our massages with neck, shoulder, head and face massage I find it hard to understand why the majority of guests at Day Spas in Australia are against their stomach being massaged and their face being touched unless they book a facial treatment. I felt so relaxed and encourage you to enjoy a facial massage, it’s the best natural way to relax the frown muscles of the face.  After the massage, a hot towel to the neck and shoulders was a comforting way to finish our treatment before our feet were also treated to a warm foot wipe.

We recommend you visit the Como Shambhala Day Spa at Uma. It is well worth the cost for a well trained, experienced therapist in a boutique Day Spa that feels like it is floating on a pond.

I hope this helps you with choosing the right massage and day spa for your wellness. Read more about other day spa reviews in our Wellness Blog from other places in the world.

Katrina – Owner ikatan Day Spa

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