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Getting down to earthing regularly is beneficial for our mind, body and particularly good for our soul and soles.

Years of extensive research has shown that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy, by walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock can diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments that so many people suffer from.  It’s also preventative if you don’t have any ailments and it feels amazing at the same time to have an earthly connection, referred to as Earthing or Grounding.

Try Earthing next time you feel jet lagged, Tired or unwell

Earthing is my go to cure for jet lag recovery. I like walking on grass or sand as I don’t walk around bare footed outside unless I am intentionally earthing, manly for safety reasons but when I find a lovely patch of grass of sand to plug my feet on it’s like an instant, magical connection of energy through my body. Sometimes I just stand still, close my eyes and and then transition through standing yoga poses. Other times I walk in a slow intentional big circle if i can’t walk along a beach or grass land. Times when I feel almost nauseated with tiredness of no sleep after a long flight, I have laid down on grass or sand, in swimmers so that my skin connects with the earth and always with the soles of my feet planted firmly on the ground.

The science behind earthing

When you connect with the ground, free electrons are transmitted into your body and this helps to balance our body with a charge of earthly antioxidants, helping to negate excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and ailments in the body.

All living things on the planet, including us are conductors of free electrons. The body contains mostly water and minerals and both are excellent conductors of electrons from the earth. Moist surfaces offer enhanced conductivity, so wet sand or dewy grass provide an abundance of electrons to whichever part of our body is contact with the surface.

Earthing energy

I often use the term ‘my batteries feel low or I need charging’ usually it’s in reference to feeling drained, I used this term prior to knowing anything about earthing energy. Before I knew about grounding, earthing or what it was called, increased energy and vitality was and still is, always on my wish list. Theres an instinctive attraction that draws us to nature, to be outside, to practice extended earthing when you need re-charging and it’s very effective.

Feeling The Energy

I have studied a lot of different therapies and most include an element on energy fields of the body and through this we are taught how to protect our energy, what drains it and what helps to re-charge us. As a therapists we can feel your energy when touching you during a treatment, we sense anxiousness, tiredness (flat batteries) and sometimes we sense sadness, we also feel you becoming calmer. My favourite is the feeling of vitality we sense from pregnancy treatments, as though the body is bounding with life, because it is.

Energy is drained by so many things and what causes it’s depletion is personal but often it’s other people who are most draining of our energy. We all have that one friend of person we know that just seems to leave you feeling flat, drained or tired. Try protecting yourself by earthing after you have been with a person who drains your energy.

Stress, tension, ill health, hormonal changes, environment with EMF are all contributing factors to draining your energy, all these symptoms can be helped by nature.

What Can Earthing Do For Humans

Earthing helps the body to manage self repair, improved vitality and better quality sleep by equalising the body’s biological rhythms. Earthing is one of the most powerful, natural anti-inflammatory ways to help the body with inflammation and reduce pain. Earthing lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by calming  the nervous system and stress hormones. Grounding yourself improves blood pressure helps tp relieve muscle tension and headaches. Earthing dramatically speeds healing time and can help protect the body against potentially health disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Our connection to nature, the planet and the universe are vital, however, with rapid advances in technology and our modern fast-paced lifestyles, many of us have become separated from our basic bond with mother Earth.

The sun gives us warmth, light and vitamin D and the Earth provides us with fresh air, water, food, and a surface to live on and we now know that when your bare feet make contact with the earth’s surface your body uptakes a natural and subtle energy. This could be the difference between feeling and looking vibrant instead of tired and old or having a stronger immune system.

Naturally Grounded

Throughout history humans walked, sat and slept on the ground, cultivated their land with bare hands and spent a lot of their time naturally grounded.  However, today, we have become increasingly disconnected from nature by our modern lifestyle. To add to this, we are also bathed in a sea of unnatural man-made electronic radiation from household appliances, mobile phones, wi-fi, microwaves and cell towers, all of which bombard us continuously with excess free radical damage to our bodies. The Earth’s energy helps to reduce the excess free radicals so your body can heal and repair naturally, as it is meant to.  Therefore, to remain in good health, it is imperative that we re-connect with the earths natural energy daily to counteract the damaging effects of our modern lifestyle.

Time To Get Earthing

Everybody is different and your results will depend on your circumstances.  However, research has shown that in just seconds the body’s physiology starts to change with muscles relaxing and returning to normal tension, stress starts to dissipate by calming down the nervous system and by spending 30 – 90 minutes you may start to notice a real difference with pain levels, stress, calmness, easier to get off to sleep or just feeling better than before.

Make a time to get grounded and down to earth as often as you can.

Katrina – owner ikatan Spa

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