Causes of Your Stress and Managing It.

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Can’t Stop Stress, Try Managing It.

The situations and pressures we are under affect our stress levels in different ways and each of us handles stress the best way we can but have you ever thought about managing your stress differently, so that it does not cause health and wellness issues?


Managing Your Stress Triggers

Seek help if you feel your stress levels are too high and affecting your health and wellbeing. Help is available in many forms and while it is ultimately ourselves who have to change our mindset towards stress, there are techniques you can learn to help reframe your stressed mind and help you learn to manage stress by being objective as to what causes your stress.


Your body feels what your mind thinks

While there are some forms of stress beyond your control, known as external stress, there’s also internal stress, which is within your control. Learning to manage how you think about a stressful situation, react to it and manage it can help balance the effect stress has on your health, wellness and happiness.


What triggers your stress?

Before you can manage your stress, you have to recognise what causes it and how you react to that stressful situation.

Have you ever thought about how you could flick that stress switch in a different direction to create a positive change from a negative stressful experience or reaction, in the way you respond to stress?


We all have the ability to control our thoughts but it is our expectations, fears, opinions, attitudes and reactions that are harder to change, but not impossible and small mindset changes can make a big difference to your wellbeing.


Write down what make you feel stressed.

Think about how you could react differently, turning it into a positive thought for you or deciding if you can avoid the stressful situation in the first place.

Try re-naming the stress by how it makes you feel. Is it a feeling of frustration, sadness or being overwhelmed that triggers particular types of stress? Naming the stress can sometimes help you control or manage the problem in your mind or you might decide to remove some of the simple things that cause the stress before they happen.


Stress is very personal.

Only you know what triggers your stress and how it affects you. Some of the best ways to balance stress are easy to access but it’s your choice as to what works for you. Here are my top tips for de-stressing.


Be your own best friend

By treating your stress as if it were your best friend’s problem. If your best friend said they were stressed with the same issue, what would you advise your best friend to do to manage the stressful situation? Try applying your own advice to your stressors to manage your feelings objectively.


Managing the Communication Pressure

Press delete, switch it off, unsubscribe and mark as junk anything and everything you can that is not worth your time that can be spent on the things that matter. It’s an empowering feeling.

Emails, social media and all forms of electronic communication can become quite overwhelming pressure at times because everyone expects your instant attention.

Managing this constant in our face communication can only be sorted by deciding if something does not add value to your life, work or is it worth you time, if not remove it from your life with the click of a delete button.


Out of Office or Press Delete 

Do you think they really care about you or your time, probably not, then maybe it’s easier to move on without them in your sphere? Silence is golden and finding the more you delete non-valuable communication, the better you feel. An out of office notification works too, it makes people realise you have a life and you are enjoying it without needing to answer them immediately.


The realisation of ‘what if I was no longer here’ life would go on without me, is scary but true and it helps you manage the stress of so many things that could impact your wellbeing.


Meditation, Movement and Massage 

Meditation comes in many forms and is effective in calming the mind and reducing stress levels but finding the right type of meditation for you is often the hardest thing to do. There are many meditation apps to choose from and meditation courses or classes are usually offered at most yoga centres and without a doubt, meditation helps you manage stress by clearing or resting the mind.


Movement in the form of exercise or activities you enjoy are great for calming the mind and maintaining the body. When you feel mentally stressed it is kinder on your wellbeing to opt for a more passive form of exercise like walking, restorative yoga or swimming to name a few.


Massage come in many styles and for those suffering from stress, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed, a nurturing, slow and gentle aromatherapy type of massage  is the most effective to calm the body and mind. 


Stress: Deflect, Manage or Manage it.

It’s not always about resolving stress but managing it and the impact it has on your wellbeing. Once you take the first step in learning to recognise and understand what triggers your stress you can then learn how to deflect it, counteract it and manage it.


Make a start with one stress trigger at a time to de-stressing your mind and feel empowered about the control you will have in a new approach to managing the stress that you can’t be avoid.


Try changing your attitude and reactions to stress.



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