5 Easy Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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5 Father’s Day Gift ideas


Not all dads want BCF and Bunnings vouchers. Sometimes more thoughtful and creative Father’s Day gift ideas can be hard to think of. But let’s face it; mums don’t like getting toasters and irons on Mother’s Day either, so why should men be given a do-it-yourself voucher for Father’s Day?


If you’re stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas, here are a few options you might not have considered.


Where did Father’s Day Come From?

Historians believe that the origin of Father’s Day can be traced back to the ruins of Babylon. Records show a young boy called Elmesu carved a Father’s Day message on a card made out of clay nearly 4,000 years ago. Elmesu wished his Babylonian father good health and a long life. Father’s Day, as we know it, was started in 1909 by Sonora Smart Dodd. She decided to create an official day to honour her father, William Jackson Smart, a war veteran who raised his six children by himself. In Australia, we celebrate Father’s day is on the first Sunday in September. Both here and in the UK it became a popular celebration during World War II as a day to remember fathers, when most of them were away fighting in the war.


Father’s Day celebrates male role models

Historically, father’s day was created to celebrate any male role model and today the tradition has spread worldwide and become a day to celebrate all men who make a difference to younger generations. It doesn’t have to be a father but could be another parent, grandparent, stepparent, guardian, mentor, sports coach, role model, teacher or friend.


Five Father’s Day gift ideas

In the 1900’s men would receive hankies, ties, bowties and knitted socks as a Father’s Day gift. Some men still receive these traditional necessities as gifts, most often from young children. These items can still be a nice gift if they’re useful and the man in question doesn’t already have a mountain of socks and hankies. There are a wide selection of socks and jocks these days and most men are particular about what they like, so not just any socks and jocks make for a quick shopping trip for a last minute gift.


It’s more creative and thoughtful to think about what the men in your life deserve, enjoy or wouldn’t usually buy for themselves and that’s the kind of gift that makes the occasion, like Father’s Day, special. Think outside the square hankie draw by gifting him an experience or doing something for him yourself.



1.Car Detailing It takes a lot of time to detail a car and most dads are busy but it’s really easy to organise a car detailer gift voucher so that your dad can call them to book the car in. Google car detailers in your area and you can organise a voucher for different levels of service but your dad will really appreciate having his car detailed.


2.HampersMen enjoy food and a hamper full of their favourite treats including food and drink. We all know the kinds of things men love, like dark chocolate, nuts, jerky, craft beer or a good bottle of wine. Hampers are easy to buy online and are usually great value, plus you can have it sent to your father if you don’t live near him or you could make up your own hamper with all the things he likes and include some things that are not food, such as a magazine or subscription to a publication he would enjoy reading like a car, sports or wine magazine. These are things most men don’t buy for themselves even though they enjoy them. Well, they might buy the beer but they’d still appreciate a special hamper put together for them in a hand-painted box, pot for the garden or just a big bag.


3. Massage Voucher  – Most men need a massage, especially if they drive a lot, sit at a computer or work hard as tradesmen or if you drive your dad crazy he is definitely going to need some time out! Men get tired and stressed from work and family demands, so a massage is just the thing to buy to de-stress your dad as a gift on Father’s Day. Dads have a lot of responsibility and while everyone thinks massages are for mums; dads deserve to be cared for too, because they hold a lot of stress and tension in their mind and body. Gift vouchers are easy to purchase online and then he can book in when he has time to enjoy a good massage and some time out on his own, with you, his partner or wife.


ikatan Spa Noosa offers a Special Father’s Day Package each year and it always includes some complimentary offers like a craft beer and a taster plate with a Spa package. You can purchase a gift voucher online, for a money amount or a particular treatment, special or package and he can change the treatment choice and extend the voucher if he can’t find the time to use it within the year, you can also book online.


4. Dad-Date – The gift of a ticket for a match or concert you can enjoy with your Dad . There are some great experiences to be found on Visit Noosa, TripAdvisor, Bookings.com and other online travel and experiences sites that you can buy or book for a dad-date experience to enjoy.


5. Inexpensive or Free Gifts – Dads seem to be harder than mums to buy for but if you think about what your Dad loves and needs as a starting point it helps you narrow down your options. Does your dad have a hobby, sport or favourite pastime like music, reading or travel? If so, you could make or buy him a personal gift that helps him get more out of his hobby. Or something as simple as cleaning his car, tidying the garage or making him an online book about things you like to do together or your last holiday together can be a great gift this Father’s Day and he will love the thought you put into doing something for him.


Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea for Noosa, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane-based man?

Ikatan Day Spa Noosa, we care for a lot of men because we have a Bali style environment that is not a ‘girly’ style, and men love to sit in the gardens, as being outdoors before and after treatments gives a sense of freedom in nature. ikatan Spa gift vouchers online are very popular and you can buy them for a dollar value so dad can choose and book his own massage or other Day Spa treatment. He can even enjoy a relaxing beer in the gardens before or after his massage experience.


Hope this helps you with some ideas for a gift this Father’s Day.



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