Summer Day Spa Treatments

Special Summer ikatan Spa Treatments

What Spa Treatments do you need this Summer?

Sandy feet, salt-kissed hair,  it’s Summer take me there!


While we all love to get out in the sun, sea and sand, enjoying the freedom of relaxing on the beach or long walks in the Noosa National Park, the summer season plays havoc with our skin.


If ageing is something you want to keep under control, then you’ll need some nourishment for your body after a day on the beach, in the sea or pool or in the sun because being out in the elements is, unfortunately, the fastest way to age.


At ikatan Day Spa, Noosa, we change our day spa specials every season, because as seasons change and so do we.  Throughout the year we regularly introduce different treatments, packages and products to suit what the body needs during the seasons through the year.


Here’s what you need to think about if you want to glow from head to toe this summer, prepare for the social events and take care of your wellness during your summer holiday.


Body Treatments

Body brushing, exfoliating and wrapping  Body scrubs and wraps are ideal in the summertime to slough off dry skin and replenish the new skin you’ll be showing off in your swimmers and shorts.


Having a spa treatment where your entire body is nourished is a relaxing experience, and every summer at ikatan Day Spa our popular 2 hour Special Summer Ceremony Package is the perfect summer hydration package to restore your skin with organic coconut oil and subtle frangipani scrub in a body wrap while you drift away with a scalp massage. After a shower enjoy a 45 minute Balinese massage and calming facial.


Body Oils, Lotions and Potions

It’s a personal choice as to what you like and what feels best on your skin, but here’s the
lowdown on what works best for different skin needs. Use organic or natural products if you can, as your skin is the largest organ of your body and it only takes a few seconds for what you put on your skin to get under your skin. There are a lot of products on the shelves with nasty chemicals and generally, if it contains, parabens, sulfates or a list of unrecognisable ingredients it’s probably not healthy.


Pretty Feet, Keep Them Neat

Summer sandals and party heels call for pretty feet. While we should all have pedicures at least once a month, our toes are on display most of the summer, so you want them to look pretty.

Having a pedicure is a relaxing experience, especially with a glass of champagne or pot of tea while seated in the garden room at ikatan Spa.

As with all pedicures at ikatan Spa, you get to take home your new bottle of nail polish in the colour of your choice.


Share a double room for a massage

The holiday season and our Australian summer is a time we like to spend with family and friends and visiting the day spa is a relaxing way to be together.


If you love getting a massage, you’re going to want to book one of our Packages for two and have a look at our Specials Page for seasonal specials for two. All guests are offered a complimentary glass of champagne or pot of tea in the gardens before or after your treatments at ikatan Spa Noosa, awarded Australian Wellness Spa by Luxury Travel Guides Global Awards.


We all love a summer holiday 


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