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When we set up our Balinese Day Spa near Noosa in 2002,  we had a strong vision; a simple dream of a place that created a deep feeling of wellbeing, where people could totally relax and leave their world behind. We wanted to create the kind of day spa I’d always wished I could visit, but had never found.

We hoped people would leave ikatan Day Spa feeling as if they’d just had the most relaxing holiday of their life, even if they’d only spent a few hours here, and long before the term ‘spa-cation’ became popular.

Since then, we’ve constantly tweaked and improved the way we do things at ikatan, based on feedback from our guests and our amazing therapists. As each trend comes and some go, with the changes that take place in society that affect our stress levels we continually work on creating what is needed to help our guests. We know exactly what people want and need from a day spa, more than they realise what they need themselves.

Here are a few of the reasons we’ve gained media acclaim, won numerous global awards and now have thousands of happy guests who keep coming back for more.

1.Peace and Quiet.

There’s a sign at the entrance to ikatan that our guest love. Some of them like it so much they ask if we sell copies of the signs, as they want to take it home! The sign says:

  • No children
  • No smoking
  • Mobile on silent

It’s clearly a relief for people to leave the modern world behind for a while and arrive at a place where they know they can enjoy uninterrupted peace and tranquillity.

2.No Communal Changing Room.

Our guests enjoy the privacy of their own treatment room to change in. They never have to deal with awkward half-naked encounters with strangers, gaping, one-size-fits-all bathrobes, slippers that are difficult to walk in, or tricky lockers in a shared space of nudity. Stripping off in front of strangers is a daunting experience and not something people to do, nor is it a way to welcome a guest for a spa treatment. Of course, most day spas have to offer this form of undressing and wearing a robe as it speeds up the change over time in the treatment room but at ikatan we allow a lot of time between treatments because our guests undress and dress in their private treatment room.

3. Comfort For all Guests.

Facials, Package, special best spa noosa, sunshine coast, brisbane, queensland, australia Noosaville organic day spa, eco spaOnce a client has undressed, privately in their treatment room they lie on the comfortable treatment bed and cover themselves modestly with a sarong. When the therapist knocks and enters the room, the client is already draped with the sarong and, if required, an extra soft, fluffy blanket is added for added comfort and modesty during our treatments. We’ve also sourced the comfiest disposable full brief undies, (no G strings here) and guests are always surprised by how comfy they are and often purchase them.

4. Therapists Work in Silence.

Although our therapists chat to clients at the consultation before treatments, during treatments they only whisper instructions when it’s time to turn over or to check on your comfort. There’s no chitchat during treatments. This helps our guests totally relax, without feeling the need to make small talk, and allows our therapists to fully focus on the treatment.

5.Natural, Laidback and Just Like Bali.

Staff at many day spas wear black or white formal uniforms, which gives a clinical feel to the place. ikatan Spa is centered around a natural garden with therapy rooms hidden away down tree-lined paths and our therapists wear stylish t-shirts with loose, comfy, Balinese batik print pants, which staff love wearing and clients ask to buy. Guests feel as if they’re on a tropical holiday as soon as they arrive.

6. Friendly Natural Staff.

In keeping with the informal atmosphere, our managers, receptionists and therapists are genuinely friendly, because who wouldn’t smile about working in our environment, so guests feel immediately welcome. We are one very big ikatan family with twenty staff as part of our community where we come together to look after guests and each other.

7. Authentic Balinese Feel.

Deluxe PEDICUREFrom the lush tropical gardens with antique Balinese gates to the large copper bowls used for pedicures, batik sarongs and decorative touches, everything creates a sense of being in Bali. You certainly won’t find any plastic vibrating foot spas here!

8.High Quality Products.

We use only the highest-quality skincare products available for our organic and cosmeceutical facials. Our body treatments are created at ikatan Spa using traditional Balinese recipes to give our guests authentic and effective treatments to help improve their wellbeing and skin. All our massage styles are unique to ikatan Spa and each therapist is trained one on one in all treatments.

9. Take Home Your Bottle of New Nail Polish.

Rather than reuse a shared, gloopy bottle of nail polish, we let our guests take home their new, freshly opened bottle of nail polish which has only been used for their manicure or pedicure. It’s more hygienic, gives a better result and allows guests to easily make touch-ups if they chip there polish after they leave ikatan. Our therapists also love having perfectly fresh polish to paint with.

10. No Hard Sell of Products.

Many day spas rely on product sales for revenue and their therapists rely on commission from selling makeup, facial or body care products. Retail sales are not the focus at ikatan Spa, superior treatments are, and you will never get the hard sell from the team of therapists at ikatan Spa.

Ikatan Spa has products for sale and our reception staff are all therapists, so, should a guest want to look at products or need skincare advice before leaving, staff can advise you. But it’s up to our guests if they want to shop or not and it’s easy to give advice as all products used on a guest are listed by their therapists and added to clients’ files. After treatments, our guests are taken to the gardens to relax without having to hear any sales pitch but given a glass of bubbles or pot of tea instead. They can even order food if they’re feeling peckish.

How good does that sound?

What do you look for you when you visit a day spa?

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