3 Reasons to Take Your Wedding Party to a Day Spa

Pre Wedding Day Spa Party 

Months or years go into planning a Noosa wedding with every detail organised ahead of time but there are always the last minute things to be done and it’s hard not to be stressed in the lead up to your big day.


The laid back holiday atmosphere in Noosa attracts people who want a relaxed wedding vibe but all the wedding details for the day can be daunting, therefore taking the edge of such a special occasion.

The pressure to meet the social expectations, pleasing a wide variety of people and get everything organised can be nerve-wracking for the bride, groom and their families.


Relaxing, De-stressing and Celebrating

A day spa visit before the event can be the perfect way to chill out while spending time with the bridal party, close family and friends before the big day.

It’s the best way to de-stress and reset the mood so that everyone can enjoy the big event. 


Here are three reasons why you should make a Day Spa visit part of your Noosa wedding celebrations:


1. Let’s get this wedding party started!

A wedding celebration brings families and friends together for what can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yet the wedding day itself can feel too short and busy with so many people to entertain and so much to do, including the ceremony, formal festivities and photographs.

Noosa weddings are no different and, despite the relaxed holiday vibe, often newlyweds and wedding guests feel the time spent in Noosa and the big day whizzed by too fast.


2.Bringing people together 

Planning a day to relax before the wedding with a group at ikatan Spa is a perfect way to start the celebrations and bring everyone together in a relaxed environment. Wedding party spa visits work equally well for the wedding party or girls only get-togethers, including those looking for a more sophisticated form of the traditional hens night or mixed-gender parties which are becoming very popular. After all, the boys love to have a massage and relax with a glass of wine or beer before the big day too.


Spa parties are particularly successful for multi-generational parties, because day spa treatments have a universal appeal, for everyone from teenagers through to their great-grandparents. We’ve never come across anyone who didn’t like being pampered while enjoying High Tea in our tropical gardens at ikatan Spa

It’s not just our treatments that relax people either, it’s the chance to enjoy time together in the garden before and/or after the treatment, with a complimentary glass of champagne or pot of tea, that gives people time to really unwind and catch up.


3. Sneak away with your Fiancé

Why wait until the wedding is over, for your honeymoon to start before you relax? A day spa visit is the quickest way to de-stress and spend a few hours away before guests arrive or to escape from everyone else when you arrive in Noosa for your wedding. 


4. Feel your best and don’t look stressed.

Everyone wants to look their best at a wedding because, although the day itself will fly by, the photos will last forever. taking time out for a massage, foot treatments or head massage are the most popular treatments for pre-wedding.


Most people prefer not to have facials, just in case their face reacts to a product and we agree with that however there are plenty of other treatments on our menu at ikatan Spa and our massage oil does not affect your fake tan! However, it is best to have your tan done after a body scrub for a more even appearance.


Best day and way to book a spa party 

Two days before the wedding, most guests have arrived and this is usually the best time to book ikatan Spa for a spa party and time together.

At ikatan Spa, everyone can come along for treatments, with space for the whole bridal party and friends. Which means you can maximise the time you spend together, particularly if wedding guests have traveled interstate or from overseas and need to recuperate from flights or jet lag before the wedding day.


The ikatan Day Spa experience and environment is an unmissable part of any visit to Noosa and should be a prerequisite for wedding parties that want to look and feel their best. It’s the perfect group get-together location.


Find Out More.

To find out more about booking your wedding party treatments at ikatan Spa, contact us today. We tend to get very busy during the wedding season and over the long summer holidays, so call now to avoid disappointment.


If you need any help organising a group booking, we have group coordinators to help you plan everything.


Wellness Weddings are the best kind Weddings



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