5 Reasons to get a Head Massage

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5 Reasons to get a Head Massage

Getting a head massage does more than just feel soothing and relaxing. There are many reasons why massaging the scalp has a profound effect on the way we feel.


Massaging the head and scalp is helpful for a range of conditions, from stress relief, headaches, and dizziness, to excessive thinking and insomnia. It’s also one of the quickest ways to help someone slow down the mind.


Many people suffer from a tight scalp due to tension, stress and busy lives spent on devices and driving.  So a head massage is one of the best treatments to include when booking a day spa treatment or hairdressers, for just about anyone.


1. Wired with Meridian Lines and Pressure Points

Meridian lines and pressure points that run through the scalp relate to other areas of the body. Much the same as reflexology on the feet, meridian lines on the head can treat other areas of the body. It’s a little bit like electrical wiring throughout our body where, by pressing a switch in one area, a light or power goes on in another place.

When massaged, the meridian lines and pressure points on the head release tension and, almost like unblocking a channel, help healing energy flow.


2. Tap into Ancient Therapies

All head massages have a similar way of destressing and relaxing the mind and body through the scalp. However, Indian, Balinese, Chinese and Ayurvedic therapies all have a slightly different approach to head massage. They all involve using oil, and massaging the same areas of the scalp, but with different techniques.


At ikatan Day Spa near Noosa, we’ve combined the best of each different style into one head massage to help our guests de-stress with a 30-minute Asian head massage.


3. Skilled Hands are Healing Hands

Flow, rhythm, technique, and pressure are the secrets to a good head massage. The flow should be slow and continuous with a rhythm synchronised to relaxing music, preferably without vocals so your brain does not engage with speech.


The techniques should be varied so the scalp doesn’t get sore from too much repetition in one area. Pressure should not be too firm as this interrupts the rhythmical flow and can cause tender areas on the scalp after the massage.


Working over the entire scalp in a set pattern, so that no area of the head is massaged more than others, is crucial for a good scalp massage. It’s best done using oil as this helps hands move through the hair and over the scalp, as well as nourishing the scalp and providing aromatherapy benefits for added relaxation.


4. Seated Head Massages are Beneficial

Getting a head massage while lying down involves turning the head from side to side so the therapist can massage most areas of the scalp. However, it’s not as thorough as being seated for a head massage where the base of the scalp and neck can also be massaged easily.


Sitting in a comfortable chair with legs elevated is the best way to have a head massage, which should include a neck and upper shoulder massage.


Head massage is particularly good for people who can’t lie down for a full body massage, as it offers all the relaxation benefits and is one of the best treatments for clearing the mind.


Elderly, pregnant or people with special needs, such as those in wheelchairs, benefit greatly from a seated head and scalp massage. It also works well as a pregnancy treatment or father’s day gift.


5. You Can Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

It’s more relaxing for a skilled therapist, hairdresser or friend to give you are head massage. However, you can do it yourself as part of a self-care routine.


Spend time in the shower shampooing and massaging conditioner or hair treatment into your hair and scalp, in a slow rhythmical motion. Work from the front of your head to the back of the neck, then from above the ears to the top of your head. Repeat at least ten times.


You could blend your favourite aromatherapy oils with coconut oil and massage your head before you wash it. This will nourish your hair and make it shine, and is a great cure for a dry scalp.


Head Massage After Effects

Experiencing tender spots, headaches or a tightness in your scalp after a head massage is normal. Standing under a warm running shower with water flowing over your head should relieve any tenderness or headaches.


It can often feel as if your head is bruised or detoxing after a head massage. I always have tender pressure point areas after a scalp massage, but flowing water and shampooing my hair help relieve that so I can enjoy the benefits of the head massage.


Would you like to experience a stress relieving head massage? If you’re near Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast or planning to visit soon, find out more about the serenity foot and head massage in Noosa.


Visit ikatan Spa for a unique Asia Head Massage



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