Best Day Spa Packages for Couples

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The Perfect Way For Couples to Relax Together.



You don’t have to massage his feet and he does not have to rub your shoulders when you visit a day spa as a couple and it’s the perfect way to spend time together, yet relaxing in your own way while improving your health and wellness.



ikatan Spa is Bali, Noosa style and designed around a village concept with open spaces on acreage of gardens. We’re not a ‘girly’ style spa which is why ikatan Day Spa is more appealing and comfortable for men. While we have a lot of men visit ikatan on their own, most love spending time with their loved one at ikatan for couples treatments.


What’s is A Day Spa?



Some people think visiting a Day Spa means you have to sit in a ‘spa bath’ when in actual fact the word ‘spa’ comes from old Roman times when people would visit communal baths, (as only the wealthy people may have had baths in their homes)  it was a place where attendants cared for beauty and wellness needs.


While they did have the option of sitting in ‘spa baths’ or hot thermal pools, as there are many just outside the city of Rome, a visit to the ‘spa’ was for a day of wellness treatments and bathing.


Today the term ‘spa’ is more about referring to the different wellness services offered at a location as opposed to the bathing, due to the fact we all have bathrooms in our homes now, and more often than not we also have swimming pools or can take a dip in the ocean or our own ‘spa hot tub’ therefore, Day Spas don’t require communal bathing.


Couples Change Together and Stay Together


Couples Packages are very popular at ikatan Spa and for this reason, we have two double villa-style treatment rooms.


Unlike other day spas, at ikatan Spa you change together in the privacy of your villa treatment room and lay on the massage beds covered with a cotton sarong ready for your therapists to start your treatments.


There are no communal change rooms to be found at ikatan, no sharing with strangers while you get changed or when you walk around in an ill-fitting bathrobe trying to find each other and you won’t feel or look out of your comfort zone when you are meant to feel relaxed before a treatment.


De-stressing Together


Spending time having someone else care for you is a relaxing way to be together. It’s nice to see so many couples opting to spend time at a day spa for a birthday, anniversary, or just simply because they want to make it a date or surprise.


Some couples make the most of not have kids with them and escaping to a place like ikatan where there are no other kids, makes for a relaxing adult date to rejuvenate and de-stress or celebrate together.


I Want What She’s Having


Most of ikatan Spa’s treatments are suitable for men as well as women but some are definitely a stand out option that men love to have.


Massage is, of course, a must-have, and men prefer to have a 90-minute massage because some men are bigger and aside from the therapist needing the time to be able to work on a bigger body, it also offers time to address the areas of tension and stress.


Men tend to fall asleep very fast during a massage, which shows they are very relaxed. Another favorite for men in a head massage and for those who stand up or do a lot of physical work a foot massage treatment is a must have.


The head massage and foot treatments take place with clothes on, in a garden room surrounded by nature which also helps people feel more comfortable before they are taken to their treatment room to change for the other treatments.


Popular Couples Treatments


The Santai Dua Package is one of the more popular packages for couples at ikatan Spa as it includes massage for the feet, body, face and head. While most men don’t consider a facial as a treatment of choice, it’s the first treatment they comment on after the package. ‘I didn’t realise how relaxing a facial is and my skin feels and looks so clean’ is the type of feedback we hear on a regular basis.


Enjoy a soothing Asian head massage using techniques to calm your mind, seated in large rattan chairs, relaxing with your feet up in our communal garden room. Then your therapists will escort you to your treatment room for your Balinese massage to ease away tension and stress, followed by a rejuvenating cream body scrub.

Lokasi Package helps you feel the mind unload while you enjoy an ikatan Asian head massage seated in a large rattan chair with your feet up on a footstool in the communal garden room surrounded by nature before you let us ease away tension with a Balinese massage in a double room together.


Essence of ikatan Package offers a Balinese massage to ease away stress and tension in a double treatment room together and the foot treatment takes place in our communal garden room. Sit back in large rattan chairs for a soothing foot pamper with magnesium, rose milk foot soak, peppermint foot scrub before you have your feet up on a cushioned footstool for a massage to feet and lower legs surrounded by nature in the garden room.


There’s Always a Special


Specials at ikatan Spa are dedicated to the seasons of the year however they can be booked out of season or a personalised package can be created for you with a package price. The other option is to book any treatment on the spa menu at ikatan Day Spa and request a double room when booking.


The reception team of therapists are just a phone call or email away to help you book treatments or packages to make the most of your time together at ikatan Spa.


When you make time to be with the one you love, don’t waste it, book a couples package at ikatan Spa.


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