Emotional Healing, Balance and Resilience

Emotional Healing, Balance and Resilience

During stressful times we tend to cope with situations but be aware that the after affect can hit deeper than we realise.


Post-traumatic stress syndrome is all too familiar for those who have served in the forces, frontline workers, and many others. We recognise it’s a very fragile time emotionally. Feeling angry, frustrated, overwhelmed or sad are just some of the feelings we may experience while navigating into the next chapter of our lives from a stressful time.


Consult with medical practitioners or therapists for help with any mental health advise, only you can make the decision to seek what is right for you.


Body, Mind and Emotion

Our physical body, thinking mind and emotional core, work together to create how we feel and function but at times one of the three can override the other two areas to upset our balance.


Therapy, Awareness, Kindness

When we feel an emotional overload and are in desperate need for calming and balancing heightened emotions, there seems to be a dramatic surge with in us to seek wellness therapies. 

Sound healing, meditation, yoga, breathe and mindfulness style classes and city wellness pods for mental health restoration, are just some of the new trend concepts gaining large attendance.


Firstly, be aware and recognise your emotional feelings, be kind to yourself and others by accepting that it’s ok to have different emotions and opinions to others.

We find people are openly expressing themselves about how they feel and while this is encouraged to help with healing, some people are unfortunately lapsing into displaying emotional aggression towards others which doesn’t help anyone, but kindness does.


Tips for Healing, Balance and Resilience

Here’s some tips we find helpful for healing, balancing and building emotional resilience and we’re hoping it may help others too.


1.Mind your thoughts. For every negative thought, think of at least two positive thoughts.

It may just be how grateful you are for finding a great coffee place and show your gratitude as often as you can. Your mind hears what your emotions express.


2.Find things to look forward to, set some goals but accept change and setbacks as part of life and an opportunity to challenge your thoughts rather than letting them get you down. Treat it like a challenge, a game, an incentive to gradually change your thought process.


3.Find your tribe and get to know others: Be selective with your inner circle of friends, business associates and like-minded people. Keep those you trust close and others you find stressful or demanding, in your outer circle if you have to associate with them.


4.Remove yourself from other people’s drama. Networking in like-minded associations, volunteering or joining community-based groups in your area can help with emotional support and comfort. Developing a sense of belonging and empathy towards others is emotionally healing and rewarding.


5.Your Selfcare is not Selfish. Embrace wellness of your mind and body to help emotions. Eating well, staying active, quality sleep and substitute unhealthy coping mechanisms with healthy options.


6. Choose activities that nurture your soul. We recommend slow, soothing, and nurturing wellness treatments with aromatherapy for helping with emotional restoration. Try new experiences and time in nature.


7. Mindfulness. Anywhere, anytime. Be conscious of what you are doing and where you are in that moment by immersing yourself in the simplest things with meaning and gratitude. It can be anything. Just take that moment to close your eyes as you sip a tea or coffee and be grateful for how if tastes, makes your feel and give gratitude for the comforting ritual it creates for you.


8. Try to engage all your senses with touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing wherever possible. Smile at yourself in the mirror (it’s harder than you think), smile as often as you can because your mind knows what your body does and it hears what you think.


One small change can make a difference to your emotional healing and in turn, helps with building resilience to create more balance.



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