Sound Bathing in a Bali Pyramid.

On a recent trip to Bali we visited the Pyramids of Chi, only minutes from the centre of Ubud, for a vibrational sound healing and relaxation session. We have never experienced this before but we are always open to trying something new. We both found it deeply relaxing and each session we went to was a different experience in the way felt and the facilitator’s performance. I could not find a better way to describe the synchronised instruments, music and chanting of the teachers, other than performance, as it was an intimate concert of your own interpretation within the walls of the Pyramid.

Time to Rest.

Laying on our comfortable mattresses and placing a magnetic sand-filled eye pillow (ours to keep) over our eyes, the instructor led us through a brief meditation guided intention. Amazing resonating sounds of a beautiful voice chanting, gongs, Bali style didgeridoos and so many other instruments are used throughout and constantly changing, yet calming vibrational sound.

As the first gong resonated around the pyramid and through our bodies it was enhanced with a loud clap of thunder as the tropical rain fell down the outer pyramid walls into the ponds. On cue, the thunder rolled as the various gongs vibrate with a heavenly voice around the pyramid. On a rainy day Pyramids of Chi is the perfect place to escape and enjoy the sounds of the tropical rain and thunder as it rolls across the mountain area of Ubud.

Sound Bathing.

I’m not great at meditating but I found my way to slip out of this world for the most relaxing hour of deep relaxation at a Pyramid of Chi vibrational healing session.
Some people can become emotional and while initial thoughts of overwhelming sadness and loss ran through my mind it was overcome with a deep sense of gratitude for being able to experience the pyramid session, twice.

There are two Vibrational sound healing sessions a day 11am and 3pm $25 per session for an hour. On your first visit there is an introduction to explain how the vibration relates to the body and what to expect during the session.

How to get to Pyramids of Chi.

They have a shuttle bus that runs every 30 minutes from beside the temple in Ubud. Just wait for the bus with the pyramid logo on the side and hop on. You can book a session online which I would recommend in peak tourist times. They also have a nice cafe overlooking the rice fields. But if you go to Ubud it’s an experience not to be missed.

Tip: go as soon as you get to Ubud, because you will want to go back as much as you can while you are staying in Ubud.

You never know what you will discover with a new experience.

Katrina – Owner – ikatan Spa Noosa 

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