Inner Beauty Begins in the Gut

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Gut Busting Beauty

‘Trust your gut’ has more power in its meaning than we realise. Over the past few years, we have heard a lot about the gut and come to realise that it is far more important than we had given the cliché quote of “a gut feeling” credit for.


There are extensive research studies taking place about the gut microbiome and the findings so far, reported by the Global Wellness institute, predict we are going to see a change in the way our gut is analysed and how this will help us to care for our gut to improve immunity and possibly help cure disease.

In the past few years, we have seen an emergence of ‘inner beauty’ products coming to market. The inner beauty theory is based on helping to support and correct your microbiome gut health for improved body function, which of course will be reflected in the skin.


Is your microbiome balanced?

The state of gut microbiome has a powerful impact on immunity, hormones, skin, mood, weight, brain health and overall wellbeing. We are what we eat and the gut is the powerhouse of how it reflects in the way we feel and look.


Beauty from within is about supporting gut health with bio-fermented, probiotic-rich whole foods, elixirs and powders easily mixed into water, smoothies to help us shine brighter on the outside by balancing us on the inside.

There’s an ever growing understanding of how our gut functions and we now know that a balanced and well-maintained gut is how we can help address, correct and maintain our outer glow to feel and look great.


We have watched the research, rise and accessibility of inner beauty grow and now it is becoming part of a health, wellness and beauty routine to make sure we have our pre-biotics, pro-biotics and fermented foods, powders and supplements to feed the gut and keep it balanced.


The Belly is Where Beauty Begins. 

We put this to the test recently with our staff at ikatan Spa as we were all keen to see the difference, if any, in our skin and overall wellness before we recommended it to anyone.


After searching for a reputable organic brand of products we chose to stock one of the first brands of it’s kind in Australia, The Beauty Chef, established in 2009 by Carla Oates, author of Feeding Your Skin, a book offering natural alternatives made from plants and organic foods to improve and heal skin from the inside.


There are some other great gut health brands on the market and it really depends on personal choice but we wanted something from an established brand, easy to understand and use, vegan, organic, Australian and most importantly, it had to taste delicious if we were going to drink it.

Improve Vitality and Digestion.

As expected, it took a few weeks before we started to see the changes in our skin. We have all noticed improved vitality, digestion and less bloating while enjoying the taste of our individual combination of products tailored to our needs.


After only three weeks we could see an improved glow in our skin, while many of us were sleeping better and noticed by sipping away at our beauty beverages through the day and we noticed we did not have the afternoon lull in energy and craving for chocolate.


Along with healthy eating, drinking adequate water, the prebiotics and probiotics, we feel we are living proof that getting a healthy gut feels great and helps us with energy and gives skin a healthy glow. 


Be beautifully balanced within



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