Mother’s Gift Ideas to Buy, Make and Create

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Mother’s Gift Ideas To Buy, Make and Create for a Memorable Mother’s Day

What’s your plan for Mother’s Day this year? What we know from our conversations or listening to Mums, it’s not about the money, the gift or the outing it’s about the  thoughtfulness of the gift that is most important. Mother’s Day more meaningful, a day that’s filled with thoughtful and meaningful moments rather than just following a Mother’s Day standard routine just takes a few ideas.

Start With a List

In the interest of making Mother’s Day more interesting and memorable, I started writing a list of things my mother and daughter and I love to do. I want my daughter’s Mother’s Day to be special, personal and a day off from looking after a toddler but I can’t be with her this year to help with that but I know her husband will.

My mother, now a great grandmother, likes the simple things in life and time spent with family rather than a lot of gifts for Mother’s Day,  all she ever asks for is to know that her family is well and happy. However, it can be a lonely time for her if my sisters and I are all having Mother’s Day with our children where we live.  As a mother myself,  I am much the same as my Mum and I would prefer the thoughtfulness shown in buying a gift, the kindness of a gesture or embracing a memorable moment.

After writing my ‘mother’s day list’ I came up with some thoughtful ways to make Mother’s Day special and I’m happy to share with you  for some easy ideas to create a memorable Mother’s Day too.

Inspired by Mother Nature

Mother nature is always a great place to start as an inspiration for a Mother’s Day gift. With a love of gardens, gardening, being in nature and eating healthy, fresh and organic food, it gave me so many options to create a great gifts.

Make a basket of her favourite, homemade or fresh market food and take off to a place surrounded by nature for a picnic.  Handmade with love labels would be a nice touch. You could write a little note about the food and why it’s a family favourite and memorable to your family.

  • Order a box of organic vegetables and fruit delivered to her door with all her favourite selections. Most areas have an organic farm or green grocery delivery in the area or maybe a good IGA where you can shop online and have it delivered.
  • A hamper of tasty treats can be bought online and delivered gift boxed and wrapped.
  • A box or basket of homemade preserves, like jam, pickles or baked goods can be bought at local markets and popped in a nice shopping basket that will always be used.
  • Rather than just a pot plant, get creative with a beautiful pot and a potted arrangement or terrarium. I love orchids and a few arranged in a large pot looks amazing. Make your own Terrarium with a big glass bowl, some potting mix, small plants and add a touch or personality with kids zoo or farm animals amongst the plants. I have made a Terrarium in this style and it looked like a mini jungle world and a very well received gift.
  • A special tree is a great gift for a new mum if there’s room to plant it in the garden or a big pot so that she can watch it grow with her baby.

Write a Letter

I love collecting beautiful cards and paper, so this Mother’s Day I will use it to write a letter to my mum and daughter to tell them how grateful I am for having them. As I thank my mum for what she has taught me, I must promise to teach my daughter what I have learned.

My mum has always been creative; it was a matter of having to be for her when I was a child and I have embraced everything she taught me, however, my daughter and I never seem to find time for me to teach her the same skills and it’s a commitment we need to make so that she can use the skills and pass them on.

My daughter is part of the retro revival generation who loves my handmade knitting and sewing for her family and puts in the orders for what she wants as fast as I can knit and sew creations. However I make everything for her instead of teaching her and I think there will be some lessons promised in her letter, let’s hope she wants them.

Promise Your Mum a Date

Whether you live close or too far away, you may not be able to be with your mum on Mother’s Day this year but you can organise something to do together at another time and on Mother’s Day let her know you’re taking her on a date when you can be together. Some of the most simple things to do together are often the best especially if it’s relaxing for both of you.

If you write a note on a card or pre-buy tickets or buy a gift voucher for a day spa where she can be cared for and enjoy a relaxing experience, you could go together.

Make a promise that you will do something special with your Mum because it’s nice to plan and look forward to times together and mothers understand it’s the thought that counts. Consider that your Mum has a life too, thing to organise, places to be and the reason a gift voucher to enjoy spending, when she has time and it suits her, rather than on your time.

Here are some ideas to get you started on organising a future date with your Mum.I

  • Buy a gift voucher for a day spa where she can be cared for and enjoy a relaxing experience, you could go together.
  • Shopping for something your mum wants and paying for it.
  • Going to see a movie that you know your mum will love and maybe having lunch or dinner as well.
  • Going to an upcoming exhibition or concert together.
  • A day out visiting antique stores and Opp shops in an area where we don’t live, is one of our favourite ‘girl’ days out shared with my sisters and our mum.
  • You may prefer to take your mum on a date for a walk together in a place she wants to explore or for morning tea in a beautiful location or restaurant together.
  • Mother’s day is a perfect time for a son to organise a dinner or lunch date with his mum for another time. Most restaurants have gift vouchers or just write a promise in a card, remember it’s the thought that counts.
  • Mother and daughter days at ikatan Spa are very popular. While some people like to buy gift vouchers to give their mum on Mother’s Day, others book to come later in the year when they can organise the time together and make a Spa date. Pop a note in a card with the gift voucher to tell your mum “we’re going on a Spa date together”

Be The Best Kid

I’m the eldest of four kids and when we were younger we used to buy mum a combined present, which was a great way for my brother to let us, his sisters, organise something for mum. You may want to stand out from the other kids by doing something more personal for your mum this Mother’s Day. If you can be with her and it can be as easy as making her a delicious meal so that she has a night off cooking! Every mum loves someone to cook for her.

  • There are some fantastic home delivery meals available now, direct from local restaurants and they are as easy as a phone call and credit card to organise. No matter what age, any mum would love to have dinner delivered.
  • How about doing some gardening for her, the heavy lifting, tall trimming, digging, spreading of mulch, mowing, whipper snipping or planting, doing the things she may find hard or not possible would be a thoughtful gift for your mum this Mother’s Day if she loves her garden.
  • Have your mum’s car detailed or do it for her yourself is a great gift, not many mothers like cleaning, polishing and blackening wheels on their car. If you don’t have time or can’t see her give her a card and promise to do it or organise a car detailer to go and do it for her with a voucher for a local detailer close to where she lives.

There’s Chocolates and There’s Thoughtful Chocolates

My Son usually buys me chocolates. It’s a quirky thing that started when he was a teenager and started earning money.  The more money he earns, the bigger the box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate he gifts me on Mother’s Day. It’s become a tradition I love. What makes this special is the smile on his face when he gives me the unwrapped chocolates as if to say ‘I have so got this Mother’s Day gift nailed’ and it’s a special tradition of a memorable Mother’s Day that is important to both of us.

  • Thoughtful chocolates are the ones that come with sentimentality.
  • Special chocolates from a chocolatier where you select, with thought, what your mum would love.
  • Homemade chocolates, you make yourself will always be loved by your mum. Pop them in a special box with a note to say they were made with love by you.

It’s the Memorable Thought That Counts

We are in the business of caring for mums at ikatan Spa Noosa and we hear the joy in their voices when they call to book their gift voucher treatment, they always start the conversation with ‘my son, my daughter, my kids bought me a lovely gift voucher for Mother’s Day‘ ……..and they are excited but mostly proud of their kids for being so thoughtful as to buy an ikatan Spa experience.

I’m no different to any other Mum. For us, it’s the thought that counts, but mums are also happy to have a memorable Mother’s Day surprise. A thoughtful, personal gift that is more than just part of that old routine on the second Sunday in May, we call Mother’s Day.

Make this Mother’s Day Memorable for your Mum

Katrina – Owner ikatan Spa Noosa


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