Melbourne Cup Day the Wellness Way

melbourne Cup Day escape to a day spa in Noosa

The Race That Stops The Nation, Let it Stop You Too!

In Queensland, while we don’t have a public holiday, many businesses close for Melbourne Cup Lunches.

In the past few years, Day Spa’s are seeing more people opting to spend cup day the wellness way, instead of the racing way and this year is no exception with bookings filling faster than other years.


Work on your wellness instead of your outfit

While most of Australia is usually preparing their race day outfit, hat and shoes, this year not everyone wants to go all out on Melbourne Cup Day. Some people don’t agree with horse racing or gambling or want to get involved with partying for the Melbourne Cup, yet they still have the day off work.

Some people like to take the opportunity to avoid the silly hats, outrageous heels and over inebriated people who take the Melbourne Cup horse race to another level and ikatan Day Spa near Noosa is the perfect place to escape all of the above.


Why Spend Melbourne Cup at a Day Spa

It’s a great excuse to escape to a place where you’ll be lying down for relaxation rather than lying down because your feet hurt from those high heels or you’ve drunk too much!


Some of the most popular treatments and packages we book on Melbourne Cup day are those shared with a friend to spend time relaxing with spa treatments and catch up over in the gardens with a complimentary glass of champagne, non-alcoholic sparkling or pot of herbal tea.


Some guests book themselves for some time out alone with a longer package or a Day Retreat, to recharge and rejuvenate, while others book a double package together making the most of the time off to spend with a loved one.


Popular Escape Race Day Packages

Melbourne Cup race day is becoming a popular day for day spas offering an alternative way to spend money on yourself. Instead of spending on a new outfit, you get to wear very little while being pampered and you’ll probably have a nap. Instead of overeating or getting a horrible hangover, you will be feeling good after visiting a day spa.


You may have all your makeup removed before a facial, rather than loading it on for the races, but you’ll look so much fresher after some time at a day spa and the makeup application ikatan Spa offers after facials is organic, vegan Inika Australia makeup for a natural look.


Be a Wellness Winner 

For a sure win swap the bookies for a guaranteed trifecta to relax, recharge and refresh at ikatan Spa Noosa.

Book early so you don’t miss out. Book ikatan Day Spa now.


You are sure to be a winner by spending time on your wellness.


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