Pause For a Peaceful Mind

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Pause Before You Speak


Pause: A temporary stop in action or speech, to make a brief stop or delay; to wait or hesitate.


We have all heard the term ‘think before you speak’ that moment between listening and answering, it’s a pause to give time to process information, think it through for clarity, before we reply with insightful answer or information.


A pause gives your mind time, a rest and space to consider what comes next but it seems so many of us fill our every waking moment to capacity.


Rest Improves Performance 

Research demonstrates that our performance improves after we take a rest period, a pause to reset a busy mind, even if what keeps us occupied is enjoyable and satisfying, to pause is far more beneficial for our mind than pushing through a task.

It’s a conscious decision to make, schedule in and commit too but taking time to pause will offer a positive difference to clarity, concentration and performance.

Do you ever say ‘ I just need to clear my head’? Well, here’s a few ideas of how to pause to clear your head.



literally take a walk, leave your desk, devices, work bench or people to remove yourself from the busy environment to take yourself to another space where you can distract your mind.

If you can take a walk outside or a stroll to another area inside, movement can give you a pause to get your circulation activated and clear your mind. Stretching or doing a workout is a great way to pause, especially if you have been sitting for a long period of time.


Another Kind of Busy.

Actively pausing, switching from work to another activity, especially something creative can give your mind a rest. Gardening, cooking, art, sewing, knitting, photography, reading or colouring in a mindfulness book, getting lost in a creative activity is a fun and rewarding way to take a pause.


Here are some great ‘pause’ ideas;

1. Pause to Write

Writing is a great way to develop self-awareness and sort through the clutter in our minds. Writing can remove mental blocks, uncover patterns in our thoughts and behaviours, and shift our mindset from negative to positive. Journaling is a great example of a way we can ‘pause’ unload and set goals, intentions and affirmations.


2. Pause to Read

Reading is also a great way to whisk your mind away to another place, as long as you aren’t reading something related to your work! It is far more effective than switching on the TV to switch off because reading requires your imagination to kick into gear and that enables your mind to take a much-needed break.


5. Pause to Unplug

Being connected 24/7 to devices can make you feel as though you’re always on and it is tempting to respond to messages or notifications that come up on your devices. Take a break from screens, turn off your notifications, and put your phone down to recharge your own batteries as well as your devices.


6. Pause to Rest

Sleep is one of the most commonly overlooked performance boosters. In fact, getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep is the number one risk factor for burnout. Seven to nine hours of sleep each night is ideal, although it is not always possible. If you feel like you need an energy boost, try pausing to take a 20 minute power nap to restore your mind and body. My best tip is to nap on the couch or in the garden rather than going to bed as I find I get a great short nap rather than sleeping in bed.


7. Pause to Restore 

 A massage or facial is a great way to ‘pause’ your life to restore your energy, busy mind or body while you let a skilled therapist take care for you. It’s about the soothing touch, the soft music, dim lighting and the aroma of a Day Spa that sets the mood for a complete pause and nap. Choose a Massage and/or Facial treatment as the most flowing way to relax because you don’t need to move from the treatment bed.


Grant yourself permission to pause



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