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Reset, Regroup and Recharge

Post-Covid takes some adjusting to what has been, how it has impacted and affected our lives, health and wellness.

Our lives in one way or another have changed but for all of us it seems to be a time of re-assessing, resetting our lives, regrouping with friends, family and work, be it in a different form or style but all of this contributes to recharging our sense of wellbeing and finding where we go from here.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘Resetting the World with Wellness’ and The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is working to create a better, healthier and less unjust world in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Through necessity wellness activities and lifestyle have crept into our everyday life during pandemic and now we have the chance to evolve and grow all forms of wellness to create a better world.

Resetting your Wellness

Never have we seen such a demand for all sectors of wellness and while it’s nice to see people taking care of themselves and each other, it’s the stress levels we see and feel in others, the depression, desperation and anxiety of feeling overwhelmed that is driving the wellness market at present. The positive side, is people are seeking help to improve their health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of ways to improve your wellness and it’s important that you choose a few options that are best suited to you and your happiness or lifestyle. Choose the wellness activities you enjoy, like or gain benefit from because that means you will make them part of your life to maintain your wellness.

The basic rules to wellness are to do something active, something passive, nourish your body, build on your mental resilience and always include the things you love to do. Selfcare is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Regrouping yourself, family and friends

Lifestyle changes took a bit of adjustment for many of us during covid, now it’s time to regroup ourselves to move in a different direction of returning to pre-covid life or the new way we are now living. Taking time to regroup by recognising the changes, processing it and moving forward can be stressful. One step at a time, seeking help, talking to others about it and taking time to care for yourself during the transition all helps your health and wellness.

The lack of contact during the pandemic made us realise how precious time is when we spend it with family and friends to share hugs, kisses, touch and human connection, it’s a necessity we all thrive on as humans. There have been many couples and families separated due to work commitments and border closures and as restrictions ease the trend for couples treatments and packages has increased.  We have seen a big surge in group bookings at day spas for much needed relaxation but also in celebration of belated special birthdays, bridal parties without the weddings, family and friend re-connections as well as work colleague groups who worked hard during covid and need some wellness time together.

It’s time to Recharge

What recharges you? You should do that! For many of us recharging means a holiday, escaping the daily routine of work and home life. Due to the fact that most of us spent a lot of time at home this year, seeking a holiday in another destination is a priority for recharging. Switching off, zoning out from the daily routine of life gives you time to do the things you enjoy, doing nothing, is actually doing something and while you are in Noosa there is so much on offer to recharge yourself.

  • Take a walk along the beach or through the Noosa National Park, you might see a Koala.
  • Get on the water with kayaking, paddle boarding, hire a boat or take the ferry along the Noosa River. You can hire the gear, join a group session or have a lesson. Surfing lessons are held on the beach and you can also hire boards.
  • If being on the land is more your style, hire an eco electric bike or go on a guides bike ride to learn all about the habitat and area around Noosa.
  • Yoga, Pilates and gym facilities are plentiful in Noosa and you will find them in most village areas in our region. There are many who book a personal trainer while on holiday in Noosa to keep them on track with their training or to help kick start and new exercise program.
  • Book some relaxation and time out to be cared for at a day Spa or salon, make time for a new hair style and stroll the streets for some retail therapy.

Building resilience, the ability to adapt, be flexible, open to change and manage the way you feel by seeing the positive will help help your overall wellness.

Katrina – Owner, ikatan Spa  Noosa


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