Retreat for a Day at Noosa’s Best Day Spa

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Sunshine Coast Day Retreat

For the ultimate day off, time out, destress, escape and recharge your body, mind and soul, ikatan Day Spa’s Day Retreat in a beautiful destination on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland just minutes from Noosa.

But how exactly do you spend an entire day at a Day Spa? Trust me, it’s easy…


Who Needs to Retreat for a Day?

Some people come because they need a total escape. Others find it’s the only way they can enjoy a break because they can’t get enough time off for a longer holiday.

Many Day Retreat guests book in for the first day of their Noosa holiday to ease into their vacation with a relaxed state of mind.

Couples or friends often book a Day Retreat so they can enjoy some quality relaxation time together.


Planning a Day Retreat

Your Day Retreat experience begins before you arrive when you complete an online consultation or us to organise everything for your bespoke Retreat experience.

Every Day Retreat guest has different reasons, goals and needs in choosing to book a Day Retreat, therefore, each Day Retreat is personalised. Nevertheless, here’s an idea of what to expect.


Start your Day Retreat.

With no early morning starts, it’s all about slowing down. On arrival at ikatan you’ll be greeted with a welcome drink accompanied by fruit and nuts or cookies while you sit in the gardens.

Choose from a Body, Mind or Soul personalised session with one of our yoga teachers. 


  • Body: yoga session
  • Mind: guided meditation
  • Soul: yoga and meditation combination


The one-hour sessions with our Yoga Teacher will clear your mind and prepare you for deeper relaxation.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast in the garden before meeting your personal day spa therapists who’ll take care of your day spa treatments.


Morning Treatments

The focus of morning treatments depends on your personal needs and why you’ve chosen to book a Day Retreat package.

You are welcome to choose your treatments if you wish, or leave it up to us which most guest prefer. 


At ikatan Day Spa in Noosa we understand that busy people find it hard to do nothing. It takes time to unwind and we know the ideal treatments to keep your mind a little bit engaged while we gradually increase your relaxation levels.

Generally we book a body treatment with a shower, then massage treatments during the morning.

Before you know it, your therapist will be gently rousing you to take you back to the garden for a healthy lunch, which is served with your choice of champagne (non-alcoholic available) wine or tea along with time to read a book or just enjoy the gardens.


Afternoon Delight

While you’re relaxing over lunch, your therapist will prepare your treatment room, have their lunch and then come to collect you for an afternoon of treatments designed for deep relaxation.


With a focus on the needs and concerns listed on your consultation form, we’ll select the appropriate treatments to suit you. Usually the afternoon includes a facial or a different style of massage. 


If we don’t have the perfect treatment on our spa menu for you we’ll create a treatment especially for your needs.


Your Day Retreat usually finishes with treatments such as a pedicure and head massage in our garden room while you enjoy a drink and a sweet treat.


Time drifts slowly away and before you know it the sun is starting to set as the birds sing in the gardens and you float blissfully out of ikatan spa feeling totally relaxed.


Find out more about the Day Retreat Package 

View the Day Retreat page on ikatan Spa website or call our reception team ay ikatan Spa.


We tend to get very busy during weekends and over the school holidays, so call now on 07 5471 1199 to avoid disappointment.


What would your ideal Retreat for a Day package look like?


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