Seeking Serenity

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Seek and Find Serenity

Seek and you shall find, when it comes to finding serenity in your life. Only you can seek what’s right for you when searching for some peace, tranquility and serenity.

Serenity is defined as, the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Wouldn’t it be nice, just reading it makes you want to have some of that, feel it deep inside and keep it forever. Well, there’s only one way we can get some serenity in our lives and thats to seek it and create it for ourselves.

Seeking serenity is a way to both detach from stress and connect with positive thoughts and activities. Serenity might be defined as experiencing calmness, peacefulness and harmony surrounding us but also, it needs to come from a place deep within ourselves. Finding serenity in today’s world of stress can be a challenge, however it’s possible and like most things, it’s something we need to find, learn and practice regularly. While the chaos surrounds us theres that little piece of serenity to be found.

Serenity is generally based on the belief that people want to create harmony within to be able to manage a balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life.

When you have a sense of feeling overwhelmed it can be difficult to think about what your kind of serenity looks or feels like. You know that moment when you want to shout ‘leave me alone’? If everyone left you alone, what would you do with that time?  Not the dishes, work or nothing, what would be a positive thing that makes you feel relaxed?

Here’s some simple ideas that work for a little instant serenity and soon create a habit for you to repeat when needed or plan them as a regular part of your day or a weekly go to serenity activity.

Make yourself a calming tea (or a coffee if that’s your thing) and take it somewhere to sit and sip. Go somewhere with a nice view, a quiet space, grab your book, tune into a positive podcast or your favourite music. It may only be for ten minutes but it will make a difference in how you feel.

Take a shower, water is therapeutic, imagine it washing away negative emotions, take long deep breaths as the water runs over your skin. Using a few drops of a calming aromatherapy oil on a wet face cloth to hold near your face in the shower as you take deep breaths, can work wonders for changing our state of mind.

Turn off negativity. For every negative thought that pops into your head, think of a positive thought of any kind. It’s as simple as thinking about what or who you love and why. Try to avoid listening or watching shows that have a negative impact on you, instead switch to the media that makes you happy.

Practice creative visualisation by imagining scenarios that you wish to see happen in your life. Manifesting realistic possibilities, ideas, scenarios and dreams is a way to creating them to come true and it’s a fun positive way to focus. There’s no harm in dreaming because dreams do come true but not always in the way you envisage them.

Take a walk outside, being in a different environment distracts our mind and lets us see and experience different senses. It’s a great distraction from a stressful situation. As eyes take in the change of light and surroundings, we hear new sound, we pick up on the smells in the air and feel the sun, rain or breeze on our skin. All these senses tune in to help distract the mind and body as well as a stressful situation.

As we seek serenity, we open ourselves to new possibilities, where our inner peace comes in touch with outer reality. What is important to remember is that it only takes a simple change to make a start towards having a more peaceful and harmonious life.

Start somewhere, seek and you will find Serenity.


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