What’s Love Got To Do With It.

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February Is For All Kinds Of Love.

February is the month of love at ikatan Spa but not just for valentines. It’s not always about a couple in love, it’s about sharing time with anyone you want to be with.


We take the time during February to celebrate self-love, love of all kinds and it’s also an opportunity to remember to be loving and kind to others.

While being kind and caring for others is what we do at ikatan Spa, during February we like to remind each other and our ikatan community to make time for ourselves and those we love.

Dedicate time to call for a chat or spend time with your family and friends, the people who make you happy, the ones you love and those who love you. When you take time to be with the ones you love, make it relaxing, special and memorable.


Valentine Be Mine.

We should not need a particular day to show how much we care and love another person. Valentine’s Day puts expectations and pressure on people to organise a romantic day, evening or gift. A surprise card and or gift for a loved one is traditional on Valentine’s day, yet there are 364 other days in a year to celebrate love, which would be a more thoughtful surprise and a less commercial reminder to let someone know you love them.

Never the less, Valentine’s Day is the dedicated time of year to show our affection to someone we love and it’s a nice reminder early on in the year, to make the effort to show love, affection, care and kindness to others all the time.


Love The One Your With or Without.

Some of the most important loved ones are our family and friends. While you may think Spa treatments together are for couples, partners, husband, and wives, we see many, if not most people spending time with their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and others, making time to look after themselves by escaping to our Balinese oasis let us care for them.

One of my friends shared a beautiful story with me about Valentine’s Day. After her Grandfather passed away, she used to make Valentine’s Day a special time for her Grandmother because she missed her life long husband.

If she couldn’t spend time with her on the day, she would call and organise a special date together, or wrote it in a card that her Grandmother received on Valentine’s Day. Now that her Grandmother has passed away she does the same with an Auntie who lost her husband.


Share The Love 

I love that Valentine’s day can be dedicated to anyone you love and why not make February the month of love and a time to remember those we love, who we have lost, and are no longer with us, those we can’t be with and make the most of the love we give and receive from our friends, family, and partner but most of all, embracing self-respect and love by doing something for yourself. If you don’t look after yourself, you have nothing left to give to others.


Self-care is not a luxury, the time to look after yourself is but it’s actually a necessity, especially if you need to care for many others.


February The Month of Love. 

This February we are surrounded by hearts through our gardens and reception area to remind us that we all have love to give and share with others. We help others share the special occasion of Valentine’s Day at ikatan Spa and send a lot of gift vouchers to so many people with beautiful messages of love.


We see best friends making time to be together, Mum’s and daughters making the most of some time out and more recently sons bringing their Mums for Spa treatments and an increase of men enjoying relaxing Spa treatments followed by a beer and something to eat in the gardens as a gift from kids or booked in by their partner.


Love is Love 

Love is love and it comes in so many ways and should be celebrated for what it means to give and receive love of any kind.


love to all, this February



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