Best Pregnancy Day Spa Treatments

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Best Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy can be an exciting,  joyous, spiritual time  but it’s often comes with some stress on your physical, emotional and mental health.


The body is stretched in many ways as it adapts to grow a baby and carry the extra weight. While mental stress may be increased by fear of the unknown, the responsibilities of motherhood and more often the stress of work on top of trying to be as healthy as possible for your babies growth and development during pregnancy, it’s a lot to manage especially if your are working as well.


Spa Treatments During Pregnancy

While a trip to a Day Spa is the ultimate way to relax and rejuvenate at any time, when it’s a Mum-to-be there’s a need to be treated carefully.

Therapists should be trained to provide pregnancy treatments and understand what treatments and products are safe to be used during pregnancy.


ikatan Spa Therapists are Trained in Pregnancy.

At ikatan Day Spa, Noosa our staff are trained in all our pregnancy treatments and while we know women’s bodies are designed to carry and grow a baby, we like to help balance the added stress and pressures of life by relaxing the mum-to-be, as a relaxed Mumma is best for Bubba.


Pregnancy Checklist For Visiting a Day Spa

Safety – Understanding what treatments are best during pregnancy. It’s important to know that treatments with certain spices, essential oils and hot rocks, must never be used.


Trained staff – Trained and experienced staff in pregnancy treatments need to have an understanding of the common concerns experienced during pregnancy.


Comfort Which is the key to all good spa treatments especially during pregnancy. At ikatan Spa we have wide spa treatment beds that can be contoured for support. During pregnancy our guests are in a side-lying position during pregnancy massage and some treatments, as it replicates the sleeping position during pregnancy and is therefore very relaxing.  We like to use pillows during a pregnancy treatment, similar to the way women often use at home, between the legs, for a comfortable sleep and support when pregnant, as well as a rolled towel to cuddle, just like a baby.


Using a bed that has a cut out for a baby bump is not always as comfortable as it sounds, just like a one size fits all, we find they never do and a ‘pregnancy’ bed can be unsuitable for taller or smaller women, it seems that no two baby bumps fit the same measurements, head or baby bump cut-out in a bed, which is why we prefer a side-laying position.


Nurturing – Because a mum-to-be needs to be cared for in a different way when pregnant, select treatments that are relaxing and nurturing as the best choices during pregnancy. Keeping Mum calm is best for the baby.


Time to enjoy – We recommend to extend relaxation time during pregnancy by booking a 90 minute pregnancy massage or a package with a combination of treatments. This will give the therapist time to focus on areas of concern and allow time for slower, deep relaxation.


While we offer a dedicated pregnancy massage at ikatan, we also recommend a variety of treatments, specials and packages that are suitable pregnancy spa treatments,  including some which can be enjoyed with a partner, friend or family. Baby Showers are also a popular event at ikatan Spa.


No matter what treatment are chosen, we encourage all our guests to relax in the gardens with a complimentary glass of champagne, non-alcoholic sparkling or a pot of T2 tea before or after their treatment. 

Find out more about pregnancy treatments on our website or buy a gift voucher or send a booking request.


A relaxed Mumma is best for Bubba


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